The Most Reliable News Source [ Top 14 ]

It’s no secret that we live in a world of information overload — the amount of news on the Internet is incomprehensibly huge. News sources now face stiff competition from blogs, opinion sites, and forums, so they need to be more reliable than ever before.

So we’ve compiled a reliable news source list, the Top 14 most reliable new sources in terms of trustworthiness and credibility, so that you can make informed decisions about the world around you.

Which News Sources Can Be Trusted?

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The Most Reliable News Source – Top 14

After rigorous research and based on findings from various reputable sources, here are the most reliable news sources available:

1. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

First on the reliable new source list - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) is a non-profit, independent news organization based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2010, TBIJ is dedicated to providing accurate, in-depth journalism that holds powerful institutions to account.

TBIJ employs a team of experienced investigative journalists, data analysts, and researchers to break important stories. They work with news outlets worldwide to ensure their investigations get the attention they deserve. TBIJ also provides training and mentoring for aspiring investigative reporters.

TBIJ’s award-winning reports have uncovered some of the biggest news stories of recent years, such as the UK’s involvement in the US-led drone war, the use of offshore tax havens by the rich and powerful, and the ongoing scandal of Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

TBIJ is a trusted source of news and information for millions of people around the world and is an integral part of the global media landscape.

2. The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor homepage

The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that has been providing thoughtful, global coverage for over a century. Founded in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, the Monitor has provided accurate, balanced news coverage focused on finding solutions to global problems.

The Monitor has a long history of offering in-depth coverage of world events and reporting on a wide range of topics from society, politics, and culture to the environment, health, science, and technology. It also regularly publishes opinion pieces from experts worldwide, helping to shed light on the day’s issues.

The Monitor’s website,, provides access to daily news and analysis, as well as access to its extensive archive of articles and videos. The Monitor’s newsletters, including the Daily News Briefing, provide additional opportunities to stay updated on the day’s most important news.

The Monitor’s multimedia platform, “The World,” offers a unique perspective on global issues, featuring videos, reports, and interviews from around the world.

For over a century, The Christian Science Monitor has provided thoughtful, global coverage of world events. It continues to be a trusted source of news and analysis today.

3. The New Yorker

Number 3 on the reliable new source list - The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine that has been around for nearly a century, founded in 1925. It is one of the most renowned publications in the world and is known for its in-depth journalism, award-winning writing, and humorous cartoons.

The New Yorker has an incredibly diverse range of content, from fiction and poetry to investigative journalism and political commentary. While it is known for its coverage of the arts and culture, it also provides a reliable news source, with articles covering everything from politics and business to science and technology.

The New Yorker’s staff of professional journalists, editors, and researchers all work together to produce accurate and up-to-date content. Moreover, the magazine employs a vast network of correspondents, contributing editors, and researchers who cover an extensive range of topics. The New Yorker’s editors also ensure accuracy and objectivity in the reporting.

In addition to its journalism, The New Yorker has a long history of fact-checking and verification. The magazine has a strict quality control process to ensure that all content is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. It is also committed to providing its readers with an unbiased view of the news and events happening around the world.

The New Yorker’s dedication to excellence has earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading sources of news and entertainment. The magazine’s commitment to providing accurate, timely, and thoughtful content is a testament to its long-standing service to its readership.

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4. CBS News

CBS News homepage

When it comes to news, many people turn to CBS News for up-to-date and accurate coverage of events. Established in 1927, CBS News is one of the oldest news organizations in the United States. It has built a reputation for providing reliable and unbiased news reports.

CBS News is generally known for its well-researched, timely news stories. The network strives to bring viewers the most current news stories, often confirmed by their investigative reporting and multiple sources. CBS News also has a wide network of experienced reporters who provide in-depth coverage of major news events.

In addition to its news coverage, CBS News maintains an impressive lineup of talk shows and documentaries. These programs are often praised for their thought-provoking and informative content.

Overall, CBS News is a trustworthy source of news. With a long track record of accuracy, timely reporting, and thoughtful programming, the network consistently provides its viewers with reliable, unbiased news.

5. PBS

PBS News Hour homepage

PBS, or the Public Broadcasting Service, is next on our most reliable source for news list. PBS is a nonprofit media organization in the United States known for producing educational and public interest programming. It has been around since the 1970s and is funded by the U.S. government and private donors. It is one of the most recognizable news sources in the United States, with various shows and programs covering local, national, and international news.

PBS is generally considered a reliable source of news because it is highly respected for its adherence to ethical journalism practices. Its reporters are well-regarded for their knowledge and expertise in the field and their commitment to balanced and accurate reporting.

PBS is also known for its in-depth coverage of stories and its ability to provide a comprehensive view of complex topics. Additionally, its editorial guidelines ensure that reporters are held to high standards and remain unbiased.

Overall, PBS is a trusted and reliable source for news, providing viewers with a comprehensive and balanced perspective on newsworthy topics.

6. The Economist

The Economist homepage

The Economist is a widely-read, global weekly publication that provides in-depth analysis and commentary on international news, politics, business, finance, science, and technology. Founded in 1843, The Economist is considered one of the world’s most reliable and respected sources for news.

The publication has a very high standard for accuracy and journalistic integrity. They employ a rigorous fact-checking process, and the staff includes many well-known, award-winning journalists. In addition, the editorial staff adheres to the highest standards of objectivity and impartiality, providing balanced coverage of all sides of every story.

The Economist also provides an unbiased view of the world, and its editors don’t shy away from complex topics. Instead, they strive to provide an honest, critical look at the news, giving readers a clear picture of what’s happening around the globe.

Overall, The Economist is a reliable news source and a trusted media authority. Their commitment to unbiased reporting and fact-checking makes them one of the most reliable sources for news today.

7. NPR

Number 14 on the reliable new source list - NPR

National Public Radio, or NPR, is a non-profit media outlet that provides news, talk radio, and cultural programming. It is supported by member stations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors. NPR is known for its balanced and fair reporting and commitment to journalistic integrity.

NPR’s reporting is based on facts and is committed to maintaining a strict editorial policy that avoids bias. They provide a range of perspectives from experts in nearly every field, including politics, science, and social issues. They also commit to accuracy and transparency and strive to be open about their sources and methods.

In addition, NPR’s news coverage is diverse and wide-ranging, covering topics from politics to culture, from science to technology. They are also committed to in-depth reporting and often provide stories that go beyond the headlines.

Overall, NPR is a reliable source of news. Their commitment to accuracy and fairness, as well as their wide-ranging coverage and in-depth reporting, make them a trusted source.


C-SPAN homepage

C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is number 8 on our most reliable source of news list. CSPAN is a non-profit, non-partisan American cable and satellite television network created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service. It provides coverage of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the White House, and other government proceedings and events. C-SPAN’s programming also includes occasional historical documentaries and biographical features.

Given its mission to provide “unfiltered access to the political and government process,” C-SPAN can be considered a reliable source of news. By offering complete coverage of congressional and other government proceedings, C-SPAN provides viewers with a unique window into the political process. The network is also known for its impartiality, as it does not take sides in any political debate or controversy.

However, it is important to note that C-SPAN is not a traditional news organization. While it provides government proceedings coverage, its programming does not include traditional news reporting. Instead, C-SPAN provides an in-depth look at the political process, giving viewers an understanding of how the government works.

In conclusion, C-SPAN is a reliable source for news about the U.S. government and the political process. It provides unfiltered access to the political process and gives viewers an in-depth look at how the government operates.

9. The New York Times

The New York Times homepage

The New York Times is one of the world’s most widely-read and respected newspapers. Founded in 1851, the paper has been a source of news and information for millions of people around the globe.

The Times is known for its rigorous and independent journalism, taking on difficult and often controversial topics. They hold themselves to the highest journalistic standards, aiming to provide accurate and impartial news coverage. This includes extensive fact-checking, multiple sources, and a commitment to fairness and objectivity.

The Times has won several awards for its journalism, including multiple Pulitzer Prizes. The paper is widely trusted as a reliable news source by people who value quality reporting and thoughtful analysis.

All in all, The New York Times is a reliable source of news, and its reputation as a leader in independent journalism is well deserved.

10. BBC

Number 10 on the reliable new source list - BBC

The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, is a public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom and a trusted source of news and information. Established in 1922, the BBC is committed to providing impartial and accurate news coverage.

The BBC’s news output is monitored and regulated by Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industry. This ensures that the BBC meets the accuracy, impartiality, and fairness standards set out in the BBC Editorial Guidelines.

The BBC is widely recognized as a reliable source for news. It has a long history of providing timely, accurate, and impartial coverage of events from around the world. Its correspondents and reporters are experienced, professional journalists.

In addition, the BBC is a public service broadcaster funded by the UK government. This gives them the necessary resources to provide comprehensive news coverage and current affairs.

The BBC is a reliable source for news and information. With its commitment to impartiality and accuracy, its experienced journalists, and its public service funding, it is well-placed to provide objective and unbiased coverage of events worldwide.

11. The Washington Post

The Washington Post homepage

The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper based in Washington, D.C and is one of the most reliable news sources. Founded in 1877, it is one of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the U.S. It is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and is well known for its coverage of national and international news.

The Washington Post is generally considered to be a reliable source of news. It has a history of sticking to the facts and collecting data from reliable sources. The paper is also known for its thorough reporting, with stories often taking weeks or months to complete. Additionally, the paper has a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that all staff must follow.

The Washington Post’s digital presence is also highly regarded, with its website and apps garnering positive user reviews. The paper is also active on social media, giving readers another way to stay updated.

In conclusion, The Washington Post is reliable, and its long-standing history and commitment to ethical journalism, coupled with its high-quality digital presence, make it a trusted source for readers.

12. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal homepage

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a global news outlet that has been around since 1889. It is considered one of the most respected and reliable sources of news and financial information. The WSJ is published by Dow Jones & Company, a News Corp subsidiary. The paper is distributed in the United States and dozens of other countries, with most editions only available in print.

The Wall Street Journal covers many news topics, including business, politics, culture, and technology. Its articles are written in straightforward, objective language that is easy to understand. The WSJ also publishes opinion pieces from a range of perspectives.

The Wall Street Journal is known for being accurate, impartial, and unbiased. The paper takes great care to ensure its reporting is fair and balanced. It also has a rigorous fact-checking process and a strict code of ethics.

In conclusion, The Wall Street Journal is a reliable source for news. It is well-respected for its accuracy and impartiality. In addition, it provides a comprehensive range of news stories and opinion pieces, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to stay informed.

13. Reuters

Reuters homepage

When it comes to news, many people turn to Reuters for reliable information. Reuters is an international news agency based in the United Kingdom, founded in 1851. It is one of the world’s oldest news organizations and is widely respected for its accuracy and impartiality.

Reuters regularly publishes news from all over the world, and its stories often feature a global perspective. It also covers various topics, including business, finance, politics, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. Its coverage is comprehensive and provides readers with a well-rounded view of events taking place around the world.

In addition to its news coverage, Reuters also provides commentary, analysis, and data about global events. Its editorial staff comprises experienced journalists from different countries, ensuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

Overall, Reuters is an excellent source of news. It provides comprehensive coverage of global events, and its articles are written accurately and impartially. Moreover, its broad range of topics and perspectives make it a reliable news source for readers everywhere.

14. Associated Press

Number 14 on the reliable new source list - Associated Press News

When it comes to news, the Associated Press (AP) is one of the most reliable news sources. Established in 1846, the AP is an independent, not-for-profit news cooperative and is one of the most respected and widely used news sources in the world.

The AP is made up of thousands of journalists and photographers located around the globe. Their job is to provide accurate and unbiased reporting. The AP has a strict set of editorial standards and guidelines that journalists must adhere to, which helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of their reporting.

In addition, the AP is committed to upholding the standards of journalistic integrity. They have a code of ethics that their journalists must follow and strive to maintain the highest accuracy and fairness in their reporting.

Overall, Associated Press News is a reliable source for news. Their commitment to accuracy, unbiased reporting, and journalistic integrity make them a trusted source for news worldwide.

The Struggle For Authenticity

Our list of reliable news sources is far from perfect. The news providers mentioned in this list may not always be accurate or impartial. 

Nonetheless, these outlets provide a much more trustworthy alternative to other sources.

It is therefore essential to bear in mind that no single news source is infallible.

The pursuit of truth is a daunting task. If you want to get honest, unbiased information, you must take the following steps:

  1. Get information from various sources (including the sources with opinions opposite to yours)
  2. Try to detect any bias involved and filter out the truth
  3. Be conscious of your own biases
  4. Take consideration of the context
  5. Know that sometimes the truth is not what you want it to be

Lastly, it is important to note that sometimes, there is no such thing as objective truth, and even if there is, it is too hard to find. This means that our truths may not always align with those of others.