15 Funny Stock Photos

Whether you need some funny stock photos to use for a project, or you just want a quick laugh, here are some awesome pics for you.

Funny Stock Photos


Funny Stock Photos

This woman has apparently had enough of a sneaky rodent eating her food. What makes this humorous is how she has forgone the conventional methods of killing rodents in favor of something a little more extreme. This woman chose violence.

None of us like rodents in the home, but here we see a woman fed up with it all. That, or she is just super protective of what might just be the world’s best piece of cheese.


Funny Stock Photos

Talk about turning the tables! This poor bird was oppressed and kept in captivity by those oh-so-evil humans for too long. Now it’s time for revenge!

Whether you agree with the overall sentiment or not, Big Bird there has done the time, and now he will commit some crime. Let’s see how you feel shoved into a cage so small you can’t even turn around inside it! It’s an interesting take on what it means to own animals that weren’t meant to be pets at all.


Funny Stock Photos

What is this woman doing? We don’t know, although we could make some assumptions. Really, there are just two options here: Either she is bird watching severely overdressed, or she forgot where she left her shoes and has vision so bad that she needs binoculars to find them.

Whatever the case, you cannot help but be impressed with the agility she displays with her toes. The question we have – why doesn’t she use her other arm to hold the binoculars?


The reality is that life has become so expensive that going to the grocery store to buy a week’s worth of food is akin to financial suicide. Therefore, the price gun this child is holding may as well be a real firearm as far as finances are concerned.

Now, this is a funny photo but it also provides insight into the sobering reality that we now live in, that food and the cost of living are so high that a price gun in the supermarket may as well be a Glock.


Do you remember being 17 years old in high school and having all the adults tell you that you should already know what you want to do with the rest of your life? Yeah, at the time, you thought you couldn’t possibly decide the course of your life in between PE class and watching cartoons after class.

Well, don’t you feel stupid now, because this child already knows he wants to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. This picture can be funny on several levels, and sticking a child’s head on an adult’s body has a lot to do with it. We find it interesting how this child managed to find a high-paying job in a completely terrible job economy.


Funny Stock Photos

Oh no, it’s the alt-right – everybody run! All jokes aside, this image depicts what internet communication has boiled down to. This gentleman, besides the gun, appears to be very well-rounded. He has nice clothes, and if you saw him walking around, you’d assume that he is a successful businessman, which may be true.

However, as soon as this man is behind the screen, he turns into a complete monster, appearing sane and well-rounded in real life, but is a whole different person online. This is the guy that threatens you with violence from halfway around the world because he disagrees with your latest comment on that new Iggy Azalea music video.

As far as we are concerned, these people deserve a laugh, although we should be laughing at them, not with them.


MURIKAH! Yeah, that is the word that we imagine when we see this picture, and no, not America, but MURIKAH. This picture is intended to be funny, but there is quite a dark undertone in all reality, especially when we consider the obscene amounts of gun violence happening in our schools.

Nonetheless, having such a young child dressed like he hasn’t decided if he wants to go for a nap or go to the next war is still quite funny. There’s just one question here – does he know how to maintain that thing?


Funny Stock Photos

We’re all wondering the same thing. What book is this woman reading, and where can we find a copy? After all, based on the expression on her face, this must be the most exciting book in the world!

She looks like she just found out that chocolate milk comes from brown cows or that we are actually living in the Matrix and that she might still realize her dream of meeting Keanu Reeves inside of a computer simulation.

Whatever the case, we definitely want to get our hands on what appears to be the finest literature written since Shakespeare.


Funny Stock Photos

Do those toilet paper rolls have lenses inside them or is this senior a bit confused? Who knows, and this is why the image is so funny. Of course, using toilet paper rolls to go bird watching might come in handy.

Although they might not provide much magnification, there is the bonus that you have toilet paper on hand to clean up with after inevitably soiling your pants due to getting a bit too close to that eagle you were watching. Can you see me?


This is how we have felt during this COVID pandemic. We’ve been cooped up at home for years, unable to go on vacation. That said, being at home can be a vacation, a so-called staycation.

If you can’t go to Mexico to sit on a warm beach, at least you can crank up the heat in your bachelor’s suite, don your floaty, and drink a tasty beverage. It might not be perfect, but as long there is booze involved, anywhere can be a vacation destination.


Funny Stock Photos

Yes, addiction generally shouldn’t be funny, yet here it has been turned into what we think is one of the most amusing images on our list. If there is one clear thing, baking can indeed be very addictive.

This woman must be making the world’s greatest confectionary, or she must sample the product before she uses it. Kids, stay away from drugs; they’ve got too many carbs to be considered healthy eating.


Funny Stock Photos

We didn’t know that a stethoscope could be used to measure intelligence, but apparently, it can. This doctor seems to be surveying a flat and barren planet for signs of intelligent life.

Based on the gentleman’s appearance being examined and the expression on the doctor’s face, he hasn’t been able to find any. The sunglasses combined with the gaping mouth make it seem like this patient is halfway gone.


Funny Stock Photos

We could interpret this image in a few different ways, although we assume that this woman is so happy because it is her evil mother-in-law under that blanket. So either it’s someone she truly hated, or she’s a coroner who just found out that she gets a massive bonus for each body.


Funny Stock Photos

Is it just us, or does this look like an advertisement for an orthodontist created by Tim Burton? This reminds us of various creatures that are peppered throughout Tim Burton movies.

It’s like your local dentist meets Nightmare Before Christmas. But, if nothing else, this one is funny because we can only imagine the endless opportunities a man with such a mouth might have in life.


They say that the sooner you start investing in the market, the better off you’ll be. Well, here we have a prime example of what it means to start trading the market with inadequate experience. Seeing as Facebook stock just plummeted by over 25%, we assume that this young man just lost a fortune investing in Zuckerberg.