36 Funny or Inspirational Owl Names

If you’re looking for funny or inspirational owl names, you’re in the right place.

Whether inspired by real owls, famous pop culture owls, or just funny puns, here are all the owl names we could possibly come up with. Let’s take a look at some of the best owl names

Funny or Inspirational Owl Names

1. Archimedes

Archimedes was the name of Merlin’s owl and translated to master planner. It’s quite an inspirational name.

2. BeOwl

“Beowulf” is a fantastic book and movie, and this is a funny pun name based on that.

3. Owl Pacino

How could you go wrong with an owl name inspired by Al Pacino himself? He’s one of the best actors of all time, and it’s an excellent name for an owl.

4. Owlbus Dumbledore

If you are a fan of the most powerful wizard who ever lived, this is a great name to consider.

5. Errol

This was the name of the totally inept and useless owl of the Weasley family in “Harry Potter.”

6. Hedwig

Of course, we couldn’t leave Harry Potter out of the mix here. Hedwig might not be an overly inspirational name, although it was an inspirational character in the movie.

7. Owlbert Einstein

Einstein was a mathematical genius and had a wild hairdo. It’s the perfect name for an owl.

8. Feather Locklear

Heather Locklear is an excellent actress and apparently an excellent inspiration for bird names.

9. Owl Capone

Owl Capone is a great name if you’ve got a tax-evading gangster owl.

10. Hugh Peckner

Yeah, it sounds a little dirty, and maybe it is because, after all, it is inspired by none other than Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner.

11. Glimfeather

This was the famous owl from the movie “Narnia.”

Funny or Inspirational Owl Names

12. Colin POwl

Love him or hate him, this is the perfect owl name inspired by former US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

13. Owlexander the Great

Alexander the Great conquered many parts of the world, and your owl is here to defeat the mice in your backyard.

14. Hoots

Although a little bit on the nose, it’s still a funny name for an owl. In fact, this was the name of the owl in “The Muppets.”

15. Owlice Cooper

Here we’ve got an amusing name for an owl inspired by famous rock star Alice Cooper.

16. Whodini

If you’re a fan of magicians and illusionists, the famous Houdini is an excellent inspiration for any owl name.

17. Nightwing

This is an excellent name for an owl as owls are nocturnal, and it is also a DC Comics superhero.

18. Dr. Who

“Doctor Who” is a fantastic television series, making an ironic name for an owl. It might be a little on the nose, but still funny, nonetheless.

19. Owlboy

Owlboy might not be overly creative, but it is the name of a video game.

20. Duke Owlington

This funny owl name is inspired by the famous musician Duke Ellington.

21. Winston Chruchowl

This is a perfect owl name if you’re a fan of WW2 English Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

22. Owlbama

Speaking of famous and inspirational world leaders, Barack Obama always comes to mind, and this is a great owl name.

23. Owl Jolson

This is a rather funny owl name inspired by the famous musician Al Jolson.

24. Owlfred Hitchcock

One of the most famous movie producers and directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, is beloved by all. Although his movies usually didn’t involve owls, he did make “The Birds.” It’s still a great name.

25. Abigowl Breslin

This is a perfect owl name if you like the actress Abigail Breslin.

26. Fat Owlbert

“Fat Albert” was a hilarious movie, and it might make for a good name for a comical owl.

27. Jimmy Talon

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon is quite popular, and he also serves as an inspiration for this punny owl name.

Funny or Inspirational Owl Names

28. Woodsy

Woodsy is a fitting name for an owl, and it is, in fact, the mascot of the US Forest Service.

29. Muhammad Owli

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is perhaps the most famous boxer of all time, and he serves as inspiration for this hilarious owl name.

30. Owlivia Cowlman

Here are two owl puns in one name, and of course, it pays homage to Olivia Coleman.

31. Longclaw

Although not overly funny, this was an owl from the beloved video game “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

32. Simon Cowl

Whether you love him or hate him, Simon Cowell serves as the inspiration for this hilarious owl name.

33. Owlicious

This is, in fact, the name of an owl from the much-beloved children’s series “My Little Pony.” It’s also a rather comical name if you ask us.

34. Owl Gadot

Gal Gadot, otherwise known as Wonder Woman, is a strong and beautiful woman and, therefore, a great inspiration for this funny owl name.

35. Dwayne the Owl Johnson

If you’re a fan of Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, this is a funny name to consider.

36. Big Mama

Big momma was the owl from the beloved buddy drama, “The Fox and the Hound.”