43 Funny Horse Names

You have come to the right place if you are getting a horse or already have one but don’t know what to name it. We’re going to look at funny horse names for you to consider.

We have various horse names inspired by real racehorses, pop culture, and plain nonsense.

Funny Horse Names

1. Peggy Sue’s

This hilarious horse name is inspired by a flying horse, none other than the mythical Pegasus.

2. Ocean Cookie

You might be familiar with the Triple Crown champion thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit and the movie based on his life. We’ve taken synonyms to come up with this hilarious name, “Ocean Cookie.”

3. Secretary of State

This name is inspired by the thoroughbred champion Secretariat. It’s funny and also adds political humor.

4. Hide AlGo

This funny name is inspired by the extremely popular movie “Hidalgo.” In Hidalgo, Vigo Mortensen, otherwise known as Aragorn, from “Lord of the Rings,” races across the desert on a horse named Hidalgo.

5. A Firm Ed

Affirmed was a Triple Crown-winning racehorse, and here is a funny take on its name.

6. Sgt. Wreck Less

This funny name is inspired by the historical warhorse, Sergeant Reckless. It is a great name if you have a big, clumsy, and bulky horse.

7. Sent Ore

This funny name is inspired by centaurs, the legendary half-horse, half-man.

8. Mare N Go

Marengo was the horse of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and here we have a funny take on its name.

9. Snail Male

Horses were used to carry mail back in the old days, and this is a funny name that pays homage to this.

10. Four Hooved Sloth

If you have a slow horse, this might be a funny name.

11. David Hasselhoofs

David Hasselhoff is often the pun of many jokes, so why not make him a punny horse name?

12. Ant

If you want to name your horse Anthony, but want a funnier shorter version, and is a great one to consider. This is an ironic name, as ants are tiny and horses are large.

13. Pinto Bean

Here we have another ironic horse name. Pinto beans are very small, and horses are huge.

14. Hay Jude

“Hey Jude” is a famous song by The Beatles, but horses eat hay.

15. Ze Brah

No, horses are not zebras, but it’s a bit of wordplay, and it sounds funny.

16. Minnie Scule

This is another ironic name that implies that the creature would be small when the horse is, in fact, giant.

17. The Horse Whisperer

This funny name was inspired by the 1998 movie “The Horse Whisperer.” However, we think it’s funny due to Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer” television show.

Funny Horse Names

18. Neighsayer

Horses say “neigh,” so what better name than this?

19. Harry Trotter

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this could be a great horse name.

20. Kolt Kardashian

Members of the Kardashian family have names that start with the letter “K.” A colt is, of course, an uncastrated male horse.

21. Arrr

This American racehorse ran on the 16th of August in 2008 at Saratoga. The commentators absolutely loved saying this name.

22. D’apples are Sweet

A horse may have a dapple pattern on its coat, and horses also love apples, making this a funny name.

23. Bald Face Liar

Here we have another coloration or hair pattern that horses may have, making this an ironic and funny name. Of course, it is inspired by the phrase “boldfaced liar.”

24. Ha Ha

This name is inspired by an Australian thoroughbred racehorse that won 8 out of 25 career starts.

25. Neighkid

This funny name is inspired by the fact that horses make a neighing sound and that they, of course, wear no clothing.

26. Bucks Kin Kick

Buckskin is a hair color, and horses can kick pretty hard.

27. Onoitsmymothernlaw

Although it is an amusing name for a horse, exactly why this person hated their mother-in-law remains a mystery.

28. Dee Canter

A decanter is a vessel you use to store wine. However, this funny name also talks about a horse’s gait.

29. What the Buck

We think this name is hilarious, although relatively self-explanatory. It might be a bit too on the nose for some people.

Funny Horse Names

30. Hoof Hearted

Here we just have a very comical name. If you say it out loud really quick, it sounds like, “who farted?”

31. Just Mare-ied

A mare is a female horse, so this could be a funny name.

32. Tater Trot

Who doesn’t love tater tots?

33. Foaling Around

A foal is a baby horse, and this is a humorous name.

34. Maythehorsebewithu

Here we have a funny horse name inspired by Star Wars. This was, in fact, a real thoroughbred horse from New Zealand.

35. Globetrotter

If you have a very adventurous horse that sees a lot of action, this could be a great name.

36. Pasture Bedtime

A pasture is where a horse lives most of its life and grazes for food. However, it’s also a funny name for a horse.

37. Fiftyshadesofhay

This amusing name is based on the “50 Shades of Grey” books and movies.

38. Mane Attraction

Horses have beautiful manes, and this is an ironic and funny name based on that.

39. Long Face

Why the long face? This is often a question that people ask when you’re sad. But, of course, this is a giant joke that gets its inspiration since horses have very long faces.

40. Horsey McHorseface

This is an uncreative name that was probably invented by a small child. However, it is a real New Zealand racehorse born in 2013.

41. Usain Colt

Named after the Olympic sprinter, this is a funny and fitting name for a horse.

42. Forest Jump

If you like “Forrest Gump,” starring Tom Hanks, this is a humorous name to consider.

43. Sylvester Stallione

You can’t go wrong with naming a horse after Sly himself.