The 8 Best Verizon Cell Phones For Seniors

Seniors have specific needs while buying cell phones.

They need loud speakers, big screens, and usually prefer physical keyboards. So what’s the best verizon cell phone for seniors that your grandparents would love?

You can find all of these best verizon cellphones in our list below, along with a special buyer’s guide and FAQ section to answer your queries. So if you’re ready, let’s get into it!

Best Verizon Cell Phones For Seniors – Our Top 7 Picks

Top PicksRatingWeight
1. Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Red) by GreatCall3.4/54.6 oz
2. Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone3.7/52.3 oz
3. Ushining 3G Unlocked Flip Cell Phone for Seniors
3.2/52.6 oz
4. Moto E5 (2018) 16Gb with Warranty4.3/514 oz
5. Samsung Convoy 3 SCH-U680 Rugged 3G Cell Phone Verizon Wireless3.8/53.3 oz
6. ISHEEP [D210] 4G Big Button Senior Unlocked Cell Phone3.2/59.4 oz
7. Kyocera DuraXV LTE E46103.9/56.2 oz

1. Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Red) by GreatCall

This flip phone has a large screen and big buttons that allows easy operation. Jitterbug has a long-lasting battery so that you can use your phone without any power issues. The powerful speakers make it possible to hear every word and speak without yelling.

Not only this, but Jitterbug is also M4/T4 hearing aid compatible that makes it a great cell phone for those who use hearing aids. It also has a built-in camera that you can use to capture anything you want to. There is also a 5-star button for emergency help that connects you to health care providers and safety experts with only one-touch.

2. Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Snapfon ezTwo is designed specifically keeping in mind the ease of use. The menu is simple and clear, keypad buttons are big and the screen is also wide enough. The keypad says whatever you type, although this can also be disabled. The additional SoS button allows your mobile to be tracked by safety experts 24/7.

The speakers are powerful and hearing-aid compatible. The long-lasting battery allows you to remain connected to the world for greater time. It also indicates low power so that you can charge your cell phone on time. Snapfon ezTwo also have a Bluetooth that can connect to your Bluetooth hearing aid, neck-loop or ear piece easily.

3. Ushining 3G Unlocked Flip Cell Phone for Senior & Kids

This classic cell phone is great for those who want simplicity. It’s a flip phone with an exterior screen on as well where notifications are displayed. Ushining has big buttons, large screen, and big fonts. Its also hearing-aid compatible with strong speakers. It allows you to remain connected to your loved ones, health care providers, and security experts at home and on the go, 24/7.

The battery is long-lasting with 300 mins talk time. Inside the box, you will find your cell phone, charging dock, ear phone, rechargeable battery, and User’s guide.

4. Moto E5 (2018) 16GB

The moto E5 is designed to be carried and operated with a single hand! It has big buttons and the screen display is very vivid. Great thing is that you don’t need to have the premium version to avail all the apps. You can call and text whenever you want to without extra charges. Its 4000 mAh battery is long-lasting. The charger is so powerful that it boosts up the battery within minutes.

Another unique feature of Moto E5 is that it allows fingerprint screen lock. Its easy to unlock the phone by just touching your finger. What else? Its speakers are powerful and has an inbuilt camera as well.

5. Samsung Convoy 3 SCH-U680 Rugged 3G Cell Phone Verizon Wireless

The Convoy 3 is as tough as you are! With military specs, it can do great in extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust, so the phone is super tough. It also allows voice commands so that you can operate your phone when your hands are full. It comes with double microphone with noise cancellation technology.

You can buy its GPS system through “cellular supermarket” to find your ways easily. Overall, the phone is great for seniors who don’t take the best care of their phone.

6. ISHEEP [D210] 4G Big Button Senior Unlocked Cell Phone

The ISHEEP for seniors is very user-friendly. The keypad is large with big buttons so that you can type exactly what you want to. It comes with an SoS button that can be used in emergency cases. The screen is big and bright and the structure of phone is easily manageable.

It has a dock charger that makes it easier to charge. Just put your phone inside the dock without tackling with those wires. Its 800 mAh battery is long-lasting so that you don’t run out of power.

7. Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 Verizon Wireless Rugged Waterproof Flip Phone (Renewed)

The renewed Kyocera DuraXV LTE is as good as a new phone. the renewed phones are inspected and tested before packing. It also comes with a 90 days Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

This cell phone is very easy to use for seniors. The screen is waterproof so that your cell phone is saved in case of spilling. Its a flip phone with large screen and big buttons. The powerful speakers allow you to speak and listen without any difficulty. It can be used throughout the day without power problem.

8. HTC Desire 12

This HTC Desire 12 for seniors is unlocked for all GSM carriers worldwide. Its screen is wider and the menu is simple. It runs on android so you can download all the android apps you like.

The resolution of camera is great along with HD video display. Its not as simple as the phones mentioned above. So, it is suitable for those seniors who are comfortable with using an android phone.

Buyer’s Guide

I’m sure you have gone through the above list and each phone seems as appealing as the previous one. So, which one should you buy? This guide will make it easy for you to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Below are the features of verizon cell phones for seniors that you should know to decide which is the best one.

Ease of use

Many seniors are now accustomed to use tech gadgets but not all. Majority seek simplicity. The menu should be simple and cell phone should be easy to use. But this doesn’t mean that the cell phone would lack important apps and features. The cell phone should have all the basic apps yet it should be very easy to handle.

Also, the navigation bar should be vividly marked as yes or no. The more option it has, the more it’s difficult to handle.

Big screen and buttons

It’s very easy for seniors to look at a large screen rather than smaller one. Larger screen with large sized fonts is what you need if you don’t want to irritate your eyes.

Flip screen is not very favorable as it’s difficult to first flip the phone and then see the screen. But if there is an exterior screen as well, then it’s probably a nice choice.

The buttons should also be big enough. Big buttons are easily visible and easy to press. Voice typing is also a very useful feature for seniors who can’t see the screen properly.

Loud speakers

The cell phone that has powerful speakers has a great advantage over others. Stronger speakers allow you to hear each and every word clearly and speak without any effort.

If there are two microphones with noise canceling feature then that’s surely a plus point. Also, a good senior cell phone would be hearing aid compatible with Bluetooth as well.


Not all seniors work. Some live a retired life and that means they don’t want a cell phone that costs and arm and a leg. So along with all the features, the cell phone should be affordable as senior cell phone don’t have as much features as the cell phones for younger generation.

Easy to use cell phone with all the essential features yet affordable is a great choice to go!


Does Verizon have phones for seniors?

Verizon has a wide variety of cell phones for seniors. You can choose from candy style phone to flip phones with wide range of features.

What is the easiest cell phone to use for seniors?

Jitterbug Flip phone is very easy to use. It is designed specifically for seniors with a large screen, big buttons, and all the features that make it worth buying. It also serves as a medical alert device.

Which is the best flip phone for seniors?

The best flip phone would be the one with large screen and an exterior screen as well. If it has the fingerprint unlock option then it’s surely easy to handle and use.

What is the best cell phone service for seniors?

Great call, T mobile essentials, and boost mobile unlimited are great services for Senior cell phone users. You can customize the apps as you like and choose the service that is just right for you.