The 8 Best Touch Screen Universal Remotes

Televisions these days aren’t just plain “televisions”.

They run a wide array of services and gadgets, like PlayStation and streaming devices.

And to operate all of these devices, you separate controllers and remotes. But what if you could control all of them through one single remote?

That’s what touch screen universal remotes are for. And we have made a list of the best ones just for you. So if you’re ready, let’s jump into it!

Best Touch Screen Universal Remotes – Our Top 7 Picks

Top productsRatingWeight
1. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote3.910.2 oz
2. Logitech Harmony 950 Advanced IR Remote Control (Renewed)3.85.8 oz
3. Logitech Harmony Ultimate One3.65.6 oz
4. Logitech Harmony 950 Touch IR Remote Control3.85.8 oz
5. Logitech 915-0001943.81.5 lbs
6. Acoustic Research ARRX18G XSight 183.22 lbs
7. Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen3.91 lbs

1. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

U1 universal remote replaces all the remotes that clutter up your table. It can operate 15 devices at once in your home. It supports all IR and Bluetooth devices. The sleek design allows you to carry it with just one hand. It also has several buttons but all have important functions and are easy to use.

There is a wheel scroll instead of a button to switch the remote from one device to another. The OLED screen allows you to see which device is connected at that moment. U1 universal control can operate various devices of almost 600+ brands. You can download customized U1 app to get connected to devices like Roku.

2. Logitech Harmony 950 Advanced IR Remote Control (Renewed)

Logitech Harmony comes with a sleek design and a colored touch screen. You can tap and scroll it easily and enjoy your TV, music, games, and movies. It can operate with 15 devices simultaneously. It also has a back-lit button through which you can turn its light on and see the screen clearly, even in the dark.

You can control your device’s volume, picture quality, sound, and much more with just a single remote now. The remote is specially refurbished by Amazon to provide you the exact same quality, but at a cheaper price. It also comes with 90 days of money back Amazon Renewed Guarantee so you can check it thoroughly.

3. Logitech Harmony Ultimate One

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One is unique in the sense that you can customize the touch screen and personalize the buttons according to your needs. You can easily add buttons of your favorite channels on the top of the screen to make it easy for you to switch between them.

The screen is colored and has a light that you can turn on when it is dark. You can easily operate 15 devices simultaneously at your home with this single remote. The size and design of this remote control is also very ergonomic and comfortable.

4. Logitech Harmony 950 Touch IR Remote Control

This touch screen universal remote comes with a handy charger where you can charge it by just putting it inside the dock. It’s very simple to use with its easy call-to-action buttons. It supports over 270,000 devices of various brands. The setup is very simple and it can function with 15 devices at a time.

The screen is colored and it also has a motion-sensitive back light that you can use when the screen isn’t visible. It’s sleek and easy to handle. No more mess and confusion that you had when there were several remotes for each device!

5. Logitech 915-000194

The Logitech 915-000194 with its harmony hub allows you to operate devices even from behind the cabinets. And this universal remote is very smart. You can download the Harmony App and you can operate your devices directly from your smartphone. Keep your remote handy in case the smartphone isn’t working.

It can operate 8 devices simultaneously. The screen is colored with a backlit button as well. The remote comes with a 90-day money-back Amazon Renewed Guarantee so that you can claim your money if it’s not working right.

6. Acoustic Research ARRX18G XSight 18

This universal remote is Acoustic research is one of the best ones yet. It has the ability to control multiple devices including TV’s, HD boxes, CD Players and a variety of different gadgets and entertainment devices.

The colored LCD touch screen enables you to customize the buttons and add your favorite ones within reach. It’s handy, sleek, and stylish, and can control up to 18 devices at a time! This remote supports hundreds of electronic brands as well. When it’s dark, just use the backlit button to view the screen clearly.

7. Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen

The setup of this universal remote is very easy. Just connect it to your PC, go to and activate your remote for endless options! And no hassles with the battery because it’s rechargeable too. The remote offers services for 15 different devices at a time. Hundreds of electronic brands can be operated using Logitech.

The remote can be customized and personalized as needed. You can add favorites on the top of a colored touch screen. The screen can be lit in the dark using the backlit button. It has 50 easy-to-access channel buttons, with which you can switch to your favorite channel or device through just one click.

8. Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen – Black 915-000198 (Renewed)

  • Coloured intuitive touch screen
  • Screen can be customized with up to 50 channels
  • Sleek design with backlit button for viewing in dark
  • Rechargable battery and charging station

Buyer’s Guide

The purpose of buying a touch screen universal remote is to make your life simpler. You don’t need to have multiple remote controls for gadgets that are integrated with the TV. Out of the best ones mentioned above, you should choose the one that you feel is just made for you.

Before buying a touch screen universal remote, you should see whether the remote is offering following or not:

  • Ease of use: The universal remote you are going to buy should be very easy to use. There should be no complex commands and buttons that most people can’t understand. The remote that has fewer buttons with more functions and is not complicated at all is better than one that has a gazillion of buttons with various complex functions.
  • Easy to handle: Nowadays, most touch screen remotes are very sleek. Previously, they were large, bulky and couldn’t be held easily. So, go for the universal control that can be used with easily with just a single hand.
  • Advanced features: Though you don’t need a remote that has a thousand different complex functions, you also don’t need one that can only change channels! The touch screen universal control should offer various functions such as changing channels, switching on and off, changing picture quality etc. at least though to be considered good.
  • Button layout: The button layout should be as similar to conventional alpha-numeric remotes. This will help you to remember buttons easily and operate the universal remote conveniently.
  • Light: A backlight is a plus when you are buying a touch screen universal remote. Backlight allows you to see the buttons clearly even when it’s dark. Needless to say, it adds to the beauty of the remote as well.
  • Price: Look for a remote that offers the most value at the lowest price. But don’t compromise on the quality as you are buying a universal controller after all! So after you have selected which one to buy, compare them to other models to find the one that’s best for you. Also, make sure that the vendor is offering you a genuine brand and not a copy.


What are the benefits of a universal remote?

Buying a universal remote helps you to operate multiple gadgets with a single remote. You don’t need to arrange and understand too many remotes for various apps and gadgets.

Are universal remotes worth it?

Yes, they are! If you have various gadgets integrated with your TV, then a good universal control will help you control your devices with great ease.

What is the easiest universal remote to program?

A universal remote control should have all the basic commands like picture, sound, vision, and volume. That’s the reason why you are buying it for after all.

How do you program a universal remote?

Most universal remotes are programmed through a code assigned for each device the remote supports. These can be easily found on the user manual of the remote and sometimes on the website of the manufacturer.

What are the best universal remote controls?

The best universal remote controls are the ones that are easiest to handle and operate. Touch screen universal remote controls offer more functions and are more simpler in terms of understanding the functions.