The 14 Best Straight Talk Phones

Most people in the USA prefer buying cellular smartphones that offer great packages.

But there’s a better one by the name of Straight talk that offers a shared cellular network and supports all major cellular networks, including AT&T Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and others.

But what are some of the best phones that Straight talk is offering?

Find out the answer to this just below:

Best Straight Talk Phones – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductRatingsWeight
1. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy A10e Smartphone 5.8″ 32GB4.25.9 oz
2. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Prepaid Smartphone4.26.4 oz
3. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 Black Onyx 32GB48.8 oz
4. Apple iPhone 7, 32GB, Gold – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)3.84.8 oz
5. Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB, Lilac Purple – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)4.25.6 oz
6. Samsung Galaxy A10s A107M – 32GB4.111.1 oz
7. Samsung Galaxy A10 A105M 32GB Duos GSM Unlocked Phone4.35.9 oz

1. Samsung Galaxy A10e

The Samsung Galaxy A10e is one of the amazing budget phones of Samsung and is also an outstanding straight talk phone. This is a brand new (unused) phone in the box that comes with all the requirements that are shown on the box.

The HD display of 5.8” makes it appear to be best with 2 GB RAM that prevents the phone from lacking from overuse. The battery timing on this phone is perfect according to its other specifications. Other than this, this phone only works with the straight talk phone provider.

The phone just supports GSM and has android 9 that is new and can be updated to the latest version. There’s one thing you should know, this phone would only work with the straight phone provider in your area and nothing else. Also, it contains a mobile hotspot as well.

2. Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown

Samsung Galaxy series was launched when the era of smartphones was introduced into the world. There were a few categories that Samsung created to cater to the market as much as possible. These are:

  • Affordable phones
  • Budget phones
  • Flagship phones

Samsung created the J series as an affordable range of phones in which Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, which was the phone with the best specifications in the J series. The HD screen with a stunning camera that displayed amazing picture quality and video as well.

The most required thing in a straight talk phone is the good battery timings and surely the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown does not lack behind in this and has a talk time of up to 24 hours on the clock.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung always provided the products that would sell themselves in the market not only because they were the market need but also because this has become a necessity. Samsung’s flagship owner of the year 2016 the Samsung Galaxy S7 was the best phone of Samsung back in the year.

This series was created to give the best results with the best specifications. They never laid behind from any brand in providing the best product, but also were the best in providing satisfaction to the customers.

S7’s straight talk network is run on Verizon’s 4G LTE fastest towers that not only supports GSM but also has a CDMA access code. In addition to this, this set comes with the most useful and authentic things namely:

  • Fast charging pad from Samsung
  • Armor suit for full body

The above-mentioned items are objects that increase the product’s lifespan with maximum security and care.

4. Apple iPhone 7

iPhone being the best product of Apple is also an amazing device for a straight talk phone. The Apple iPhone 7 available here is the one that is refurbished and is one of a kind in its terms. This isn’t certified by Apple at a time but is been through a professional test from the authentic Amazon Suppliers.

This product tends to have surprisingly fine battery health and all the things in their original state. Also, the body of the phone will be perfectly fine when held in hand and the minor dents or scratches would be hidden then. It would be preferred to put on a case and a screen protector for your own good.

The charger would be included with the phone but not the original charger, but, it will be an MFi charger that is compatible with the phone and would work just fine. Last but not the least, the device comes with 90 days of exchange or refund warranty if you aren’t satisfied with it.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s ‘S’ series being the flagship series of the brand released the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S7 that is the Samsung Galaxy S9, which was released in 2018. This phone is one of the best phones for straight talk phones as the specifications are stunning on the device.

The large screen of 5.8” fitted with the super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen that consists of a QUAD HD display with the corning of Gorilla Glass 5. The marvelous camera of the phone that captures an amazing picture with the best quality is sure a treat for the eyes to see.

Also, the breathtaking camera of this phone records the video in 4k quality that can be easily be streamed on the phone’s screen.

6. Samsung Galaxy A10s

The budget phones of Samsung are also the ones that provide shocking specifications for the budget phones. The Samsung Galaxy A10s is an upgraded version of the same model that contains the second latest version of android and can be easily upgraded.

Apart from the new software, this device has a beautiful large screen of 6.2” with a full HD display. Because this phone has a large screen of 6.2” it falls in a category of phablets. These are the phones that are quite large from the average size of the normal phone.

Samsung being one of the well-known brands makes astonishing phablets. Samsung Galaxy A10s is a remarkable example of straight talk phones.

7. Samsung Galaxy A10

This is one of the few phones of Samsung that they made an upgraded version of it. There could be a few things in this phone those needed improvements so there was an upgraded version of the phone in the market in an acceptable period of time.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 was the best phone in its price but wasn’t up to the needs of the customers which were changing with time. The rear camera was quite nice but the demands were set to dual cameras. Also, the finger print scanner should have been on the back side but in this phone it wasn’t.

Apart from this, this phone is a startling example of a straight talk phones because it supported most of the straight talk network providers unlike other phones.

8. Apple iPhone 6S

The straight talk phones aren’t certified from the respective brand but are usually gone through an inspection that has been practiced by the professionals to make sure if the device is usable for a straight talk phone. The Apple iPhone 6S is a great phone to be used at this time.

This iPhone 6S being the fully unlocked phone that can be run with any of the straight talk provider phones becomes as handier as it sounds. The battery health of the device would be terrific and this is what makes the phone to be reliable for being a straight talk phone.

The storage issues can be easily solved using backup and this phone will become your ideal straight talk phone of all the time. Knowing Apple sells you an experience will make you fonder of the device you own.

9. Samsung Galaxy A30S

The Samsung Galaxy A30S being just a budget phone of Samsung is a magnificent phone. The exceptionally large screen of 6.4” is the most attractive thing of this device. What makes this phone best for being a straight talk phone is that it’s unlocked and supports GSM.

Apart from this, the triple back camera with LED flash plays a vital role in capturing the perfect moments and the large screen surely makes them viewable at its best. The outclass full HD display works fine with the combination of bezel-less design.

Besides this, the two processors in this phone make the phone much faster and make the multitasking so smooth that it makes the user-experience much better. The long lasting battery is surely a treat.

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

  • This phone is factory unlocked that supports GSM
  • The large screen of 6.3” is beautified with vivid display
  • Superb processor is backed up by large battery
  • Triple rear camera makes the video making more fabulous

11. LG Stylo 5

  • Comes with a smart help of Alexa on double click of the power key
  • 6.2” Full HD amazing display can be easily used with the help of the stylus included
  • Prime core increases the speed with good battery timing
  • Device is unlocked and can be used with user’s preferred straight talk phone provider

12. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

  • Genuine device with minimal damages on the outside body
  • Phone is unlocked to be used with all the straight talk phone providers
  • There’s no prior-user data in the phone, it’s just like a new device
  • MFi certified charger comes along the iPhone

13. Samsung Galaxy A50

  • 6.4” large display with triple cameras that supports a full HD display
  • Being an unlocked phone, it supports GSM
  • Device comes with a charger and earphones. Accessories aren’t original
  • Dual sim phone

14. Samsung Galaxy A51

  • Quad camera with large battery timing to support best performance
  • Device is fully functional with all the GSM supported networks
  • Amazing screen resolution of Full HD+
  • The on-screen finger scanner is the added value

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have went through all the product review, you must be wondering which phone would suit you best, right?

We know that straight talk phones are operated by various network carriers that have done partnership with many mobile operator companies. They also provide packages for messages and calls like other networks too.

But which phone is really for you? How does straight talk really work? And how should you choose a phone which suits you best?

Let’s find out below:

What phones do straight talk provides

Straight talk provides a limited number of phones that are under-budget and mostly run android. They include some usual Apple products as well but the Samsung devices can be bought new and with easy payment plans.

How to know if your phone is compatible

You don’t need to purchase a phone from straight talk because you can easily use your existing phone if it’s compatible. The compatibility can be checked from straight talk’s website, although they are providing both the main providers so your phone can work.

After this, you need to check the compatibility of your phone that which parenting networks the phone would be best suitable for. Once you know it from the straight talk customer care, you can get your new sim and activate your phone to enjoy calls, messages, and internet.

Unlocking a straight talk phone

After getting your phone from the straight talk and deciding to change it to another carrier would require you to unlock the phone from straight talk. There’s no hazard in this, it all depends on what device you are using and want to get unlocked.

A call to the customer care department of straight talk would be a solution as they would provide you the key to unlock it.

What coverage?

For knowing the coverage, you need to have your phone and your sim card. It’s necessary to check all of the maps to see if your phone will receive signals from your desired network. If you are coming from another carrier, it needs to be checked because straight talk may have different networks.

After you have checked whether your phone has coverage in the specific region, you can go ahead and get a new sim card from straight talk.


Are straight talk phones any good?

Straight talk phones are a perfect choice if you need fine network coverage and want to save money. They provide reliable and economic prepaid plans. They make the fine use of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

What phones can I use with straight talk?

Straight talk phones include GSM unlocked phones with compatibility in AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and some other phones that have CDMA technology compatibility as well.

What’s the catch with straight talk wireless?

The catch with straight talk wireless is the data service term which means that the ‘unlimited’ data services are not unlimited but they have a limit defined which is hard to reach.

Is straight talk going 5G?

Straight talk phones provide the most largest and most dependable coverage for all of its customers of 4G LTE. It shall transfer to 5G once the technology become available to them.

Is 20 GB data a lot?

In 20 GB of data, you can easily browse the internet for up to 240 hours a month. Not only this, but you can also stream to 4000 songs online.

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