The 10 Best Lollipops

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

For many people, it’s eating candy and lollipops. But who says you can’t relive those younger times?

Here’s a list with some of the most amazing lollipops you can buy that will take you back to your old, carefree days.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to it!

The Best lollipops – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingsPops
1. Bazooka Candy Brands, Back to School Variety Box4.818
2. Yum Earth Organic Lollipops4.850
3. Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Variety Party Pack4.720
4. Dum Dums Original Pops4.020
5. Tootsie Roll Charms Mini Pops4.7400
6. Original Gourmet Change Maker Mini Cream Swirl and Original Lollipops4.1100
7. Yum Earth, Organic Vitamin C Lollipops4.840

1. Bazooka Candy Brands, Back to School Variety Box 18 Lollipops w Assorted Flavors

For the kids that become conflicted when it comes to candy, Bazooka’s Variety Box will be a dream come true. The pack features 4 different types of lollipops; 6x classic ring pop, 4x travel-friendly push pop, 4x tangy baby bottle pop, and 4x juicy drop pop for that extra hit of sour!

All of these lollipops come in mouth-watering flavors, including cherry, watermelon, strawberry, and more. You can use these as a back to school gift for your kids, a surprise when they get good grades, or a gift for their teachers or class-fellows. Everyone will love it equally!

2. YumEarth organic lollipops

Let’s get real, we all love to eat lollipops but get a little shaky when we think about all the chemicals and artificial ingredients these lollipops carry.

However, these lollipops by Yumearth are not only organic, but they have also used actual fruits to flavor and color them instead of artificial dyes and chemicals. They’ve got an entire range of flavors to offer their customers like pomegranate, watermelon, strawberry, etc.

Also, the pops are gluten-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting allergies or anything.

And this specific pack contains assorted flavors so you can get to taste all them and not feel like you’re missing on something.

3. Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Variety Party Pack

Just like the name suggests, these lollipops look like rings. They are literally stuck to a plastic base that can be worn on fingers and the lollipops themselves are shaped like diamonds giving a ring effect.

You can wear them as an accessory while eating, place them on a cupcake, or put them in a pinata. They are a fun snack and an awesome candy for birthdays, sweet sixteens, party favors, engagements, showers, etc.

They have both sweet and sour flavors like strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon & blue raspberry, sour cherry, watermelon, and berry blast.

4. Dum Dums Original Pops

Who doesn’t like a little mystery in their life, right? It keeps the spice in life.

Same way, dum dums has put 20 assorted lollipops for you in a pack with mystery flavors. There is no flavor mentioned on the covering and you’ll only be able to know which one you have once you eat it. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

You can keep these pops as a side snack on parties to keep both kids as well as adults entertained.

5. Tootsie Roll Charms Mini Pops 18 Assorted Lollipop Flavors with Resealable Bag

Tootsie roll charms mini pops make it to number four on our best lollipops list because of multiple reasons.

First, they are offering 18 different flavors to their customers because everyone likes variety. Secondly, they are giving 400 assorted mini pops in a bag. Thirdly, their bags are resealable, which means that you can keep the pops safe and secure in your pantries for a long-time after opening.

The flavors range from basic fruits like strawberries and mangoes, to incredibly unique ones like root beer, fruit punch, and birthday cake.

6. Original Gourmet Change Maker Mini Cream Swirl and Original Lollipops

We all see normal lollipops every day, but isn’t it a little exciting when you get to experience different shapes of lollipops as well?

Gourmet Change Maker makes lollipops in a mini swirl shape to add a little twist to your normal candy. And the good thing is that they are very low calories as well, just 40 calories per pop so you can eat one even when you’re on a diet.

But by far, the best feature of these lollipops is that the company has claimed that no matter how much you lick them, the pop will not cut your tongue. So with that in mind, bye bye painful lollipops!

7. YumEarth, Organic Vitamin C Lollipops

To be honest, no one likes to take their multi-vitamins daily. Not only because they don’t taste nice, but constantly keeping track of your vitamin intake isn’t fun either.

So to counter that, YumEarth has made lollipops infused with per day dosage of vitamin C so you enjoy your lollipops and get your vitamins in a more enjoyable way. The flavors range from pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, grape, mango, cherry, peach and berry

They’ve got a pack 40 assorted pops so you can enjoy all the fruity fun and not feel left out.

8. Chupa Chups Mini Lollipops

Chupa Chups is a very familiar brand name and they’ve got reasons for that too.

Apart from making a 240 assorted mini-pops pack, they’ve got multiple flavors for their customers all separately wrapped. But one of their best features is that these pops are low in calories and fat-free, so the ones who are a little diet conscious can fully enjoy them.

But here’s the best part. You know how pops fall apart in our mouths too soon and we haven’t even enjoyed them yet? Chupa Chups claims that their premium pops won’t fall off till the very end!

9. Tootsie Pops Assorted 

  • Covered with candy and have chocolate tootsie roll in the center
  • Assorted wild berry flavors
  • Peanut-free, Gluten-free
  • Wild cherryberry, wild appleberry, wild blackberry, wild mangoberry and wild blueberry

10. Yummy Lix Sour Mania Gourmet Lollipops

  • Sour little pops
  • Allergy-free
  • Different flavors
  • Sour enough to satisfy your tangling taste buds

Buyer’s guide

When buying lollipops online, especially in such quantities, you should consider these few factors before making your final decision.


Lollipops are generally not that expensive, so make sure you check out the price you’re paying for the entire pack and calculate the per-pop price. This way you’ll be sure that you’re not overpaying for a normal lollipop.


Look out for the ingredients in the lollipops. Make sure there is nothing that you’re allergic to or is in contradiction to your dietary choices, such as vegetarians.

Ingredients and flavors are always mentioned in the pictures and you should confirm it with the seller before placing your order so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of returns and refunds.


What is the most expensive lollipop?

Sugar Chair is the most expensive lollipop by Dutch Pieter Brenner and costs $11,000!

Is there a healthy lollipop?

Usually, lollipops are made with only sugar and artificial flavors and dyes. But some brands like YumEarth do have organic lollipops made with real fruits.

How unhealthy is a lollipop?

Whatever sticks to your teeth for long is bad for your dental health. Lollipops can cause cavities in your teeth and sour pops can cause the tooth enamel to break down because of high acidity.

Can dogs lick lollipops?

Hard candies in all forms are dangerous for dogs. They can cause choking and even break or damage their teeth and jaws. The sugar content can cause high blood pressure leading to heart problems.

Can you gain weight from eating lollipops?

According to some people, lollipops can actually suppress your hunger and keep your energy levels up. Eating them before meals can actually result in achieving your desired weight.

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