The 14 Best Lip Lightening Creams

Pigmented lips are a problem that many people face. It can be because of smoking, harmful UV rays, genetics, having constant dry and chapped lips, or even because of improper eating habits, etc. 

To help you find the perfect lip lightening cream, we’ve listed down the top 12 lip balms, that we think could help you get rid of lip pigmentation.

Let’s get started:

Best lip lightening creams – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingsWeight
1. Omorfee Organic Lip Lightening Balm  4.210gm
2. Evagloss Lightening Serum with Kojic Acid for Face & Body  4.530ml
3. Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips3.710gm
4. Lip dark spot remover  3.93gm
5. Omorfee Organic Lip Lightening Stick  4.46gm
6. Moisturizing Green Tea Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask Balm  4.218gm
7. 2% Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector Remover  3.828gm

1. Omorfee 100% Organic Lip Lightening Balm

Lips can get dark for any given reason, be it sunlight, extreme temperatures, smoking, or some other eating habits. Regardless of the reason we need to make sure, that we keep our lips hydrated, moisturized, and in their original color.

Omorfee offers its 100% organic lip lightening balm in a 10gm tub which has all the ingredients to take care of your lips. From cocoa butter to sweet almond oils, Omorfee makes sure to give your lips the much-needed therapy.

The best part, Omorfee plants a tree for every product they sell, so we’re not only taking care of our lips but are also helping the environment.

2. Evagloss Lightening Serum with Kojic Acid for Face

Evagloss’s natural yet powerful formula works deep into your skin’s uneven tones, making them better and brighter. The serum helps in lighting dark spots, melasma, and other skin pigmentation issues. The non-hydroquinone and non-harsh chemical ingredient list makes it safe for everyday use.

The serum comes in a bottle with a dropper and can be applied to the entire body and face, including the sensitive areas as claimed by the company. According to the company, the users in the past have noticed 3 times brighter, lighter, and more even-toned skin.

3. Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips

Pineapple Lightening Lip Balm offers gradual brightening of your lip tone while also moisturizing them in the process. It’s made from natural, non-toxic ingredients like shea butter, fruit extract, and vitamin B3. The balm seeps into the skin and accelerates cell regeneration, allowing you to develop brighter, plumper, and healthier lips.

Unlike other balms, this one has a light consistency and doesn’t feels sticky to touch. It also has a delicious peachy smell and flavor, which will instantly uplift your mood and make you feel better. The balm comes in a compact container that you can pop inside your bag or pockets and use as you travel.

4. Lip dark spot remover

Derma clinic understands your lip pigmentation problem very well, and they know how difficult it can be to apply multiple masks and creams to get that natural lip shade back.

Lip dark spot remover is a gel that has to be applied daily at night and can be used as a lip balm, so you don’t have to worry about washing it off or anything.

The reason why it has made it to our top ten list is because this gel is very efficient for smokers and will give you results within a week.

So those who cannot really wait for months to see results, this cream is for you.

5. Omorfee Organic Lip Lightening Stick for Dark Lips

To nourish your lips on the go, Omorfee has its organic lip lightening cream in a stick form as well. So it’s easy to carry around and easy to apply.

Staying outside in the sun can really damage the lips. But with Omorfee’s lip lightening stick you can keep your lips protected throughout the day because their product contains SPF properties.

While cocoa butter and vitamin E along with other ingredients keep your lips hydrated all the time, they’ve also added pineapple extract for an amazing scent.

What makes the brand stand out is the fact for every organic product purchased, the company plants an organic plant. 

6. Moisturizing Green Tea Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask Balm

Green tea is something that gives you instant freshness. Once upon a tea store has launched a sleeping lip mask balm with green tea extracts, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

They’ve used only the best and most effective ingredients in their lip cream to give users the quick and visible results.

We all need to see results when it comes to skincare and can get really impatient as well. So this cream is not just quick to give you results, but its also very easy to use. Just apply a layer at night daily and see the magic.

7. 2% Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector Remover

Uneven skin tone and dark spots are a real pain. Even if the problem gets treated, these little spots don’t go away easily and can get very irritating.

Instead of using creams and gels with plant based products etc. Admire my skin has brought you chemical treatments that will not only give you quick but permanent results as well.

The product is not only for dark spots and pigmentations, but is also very useful for melasma treatments.

8. PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster

  • Helps boost lip hydration
  • Instantly plumps lips and moisturizes
  • Reduces lip lines
  • Long term volume and softness

9. Organic lip scrub

  • Fights cracked lips
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Effectively removes dry and flaky skin
  • Use twice a week for best results
  • Leaves your lips healthy, soft, and radiant

10. Lip Scrub Care Mask, 2 Packs Lip Sleeping Mask with Double Effect

  • Complete lip care package
  • Keeps moisture locked
  • The mask works ten times better than any other regular lip balm

11. BEARDO Lip Lightener for Men

Lip protection for smokers, prevents dark spots due to smoking, lightens lips within 3 weeks, hydrates and moisturizes, heals cracked lips, pleasant chocolate scent.

This product is especially designed for men, and moreover, for smokers. One of the main purposes of this product is to prevent lip darkening due to smoking. It is designed to be applied before smoking. It adds a protective layer to your lips to stop cigarette spots from occurring.

Beardo Lip Lightener is one of the best dark lips treatment products for smokers at this time. In terms of lip lightening products, it’s also one of them most natural ones. It has ingredients such as mango butter, Vitamin E, shea butter, sunflower oil, and more.

Besides being able to lighten lips and prevent darkening due to smoking, it also has other benefits. It has the ability to exfoliate your lips. Due to the beneficial ingredients, it can also help heal cracked and dry lips. If used twice daily, this lip lightening cream should produce lightening results within 3 or 4 weeks.

The level of moisture that this product provides lips with is not seen often. It also helps produce quite a shiny and smooth appearance.

What people also tend to like about it is the flavorful chocolate scent that it features. In terms of scent, this might be the most enjoyable and best lip bleaching cream out there.

12. SWOSH Organic Lip Cream For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lips

All natural ingredients, organic, no parabens, hydration and moisturization, heals lips, lightens lips within weeks, protects against damage caused by smoking.

In terms of a healthy and organic lip bleaching cream, this is undoubtedly one of the best products out there. It is made with all organic materials. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, or artificial colors. This all-natural formula is perfectly healthy and safe to use for a prolonged period.

In terms of protection against smoker spots, this is perhaps the best lip lightening cream on the market. The ingredients and consistency here are perfect for prevent nicotine and smoke spots from occurring. The layer of protection it provides your lips with is very high.

When it comes to beneficial ingredients, this is absolutely one of the best lip lightening products out there. It contains lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, almond essential oil, and shea butter.

These ingredients are great for healing cracked and dry lips. They have the ability to provide you with long lasting moisture, hydration, and healing properties.

Yes, this product does also contain natural ingredients that will lighten lips over time. With regular use, you should start to see results within the first two or three weeks.

13. Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Balm Scrub For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lips

All-natural ingredients, enjoyable scent, protection for smokers, heals dry and cracked lips, provides long-lasting hydration and lip protection, fast-acting lightening.

If you are looking for healthy lip lightening creams, this might just be one of the best out there. This product is made with all-natural ingredients. It contains absolutely no harsh chemicals such as parabens.

This product is made with a combination of walnut, beetroot, and various natural butters. Together, these ingredients have the ability to heal cracked and dry lips. In terms of hydration and rejuvenation, this is an excellent lip lightening balm to consider.

Not only does it heal cracked lips, but it also provides long-lasting hydration and moisture. It’s an ideal product to use if you find yourself applying lip balm multiple times per day. Between the healing and long-lasting protection, this is likely one of the best lip lightening products on the market.

As the name implies, one of the main benefits here is protection against lip darkening due to smoking. It adds a protective layer that stops that nicotine and chemicals from darkening your lips.

When applied twice per day you should see results in just a few weeks. Just scrub the product on your lips for a few minute, two or three times per week. It’s as easy as that. It’s one of the fastest-acting products out there.

14. Zodenis Lip Exfoliator

Great for sensitive skin, natural ingredients, heals cracked lips, provides long-lasting hydration, lightens lips, designed for smokers.

Here we have an excellent lip exfoliating scrub that serves a variety of purposes. For one, it is made with all-natural ingredients. It contains jojoba, coconut, and avocado oil, as well as other extracts.

These ingredients work in combination to help protect your lips from drying out. It also has the ability to help heal dry and cracked lips. The long-lasting hydration and moisture it provides lips with is nearly unrivaled.

This s a scrub, which means that it also has the ability to remove dark lip stains. Specifically, this product is designed to light lips that have darkened due to smoking. The rough grains or flakes that form the base of the scrub is actually just sugar. It’s natural and healthy.

Buyer’s guide

Before you select any lip lightening cream or skincare product, make sure to look out for the following factors:


Always check the ingredients of the product you are buying. This is very important because when it comes to lip balm or any other skincare product, any ingredients that you might be allergic to can cause mild to severe reaction both on your skin and sometimes even internally..

Expiry date

Always check the expiry date on the products before you purchase them. Not just the best before but also look out for the expiration period of the product once the seal has been broken. That way, you can avoid using expired products on your face that may cause a reaction.


Make sure that your skincare is always sealed properly when you buy it. A broken seal may mean that the product has been used before. In case of a broken seal, immediately return your product to the company and ask for a brand-new sealed product.


Can I use bleaching cream on my lips?

Even if your lips get lighter, they will be exposed to UV rays more than before which may cause damage in the future.

Does brushing your lips make them lighter?

Brushing your lips with a little bit of lemon before bed and rinsing it off in the morning with warm water may help reduce the darkness.

What causes black lips?

Hyper pigmentation, sun exposure, genetics, smoking etc can all cause dark lips.

Does Vaseline darken your lips?

Any product that contains Vaseline as an ingredient can result in pigmentation.

Why is my bottom lip turning black?

Dry, cracked, and damaged lips can also be the reason why your lips are turning black.

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