The 13 Best iTunes Compatible MP3 Players

When you think about listening to your favorite iTunes, iPod and iPhone are probably the only two things that pop up in our heads. But are iTunes really limited to these two devices?

Well, not really…

It is hard to believe but something that’s considered to be pretty obsolete by now has a chance to be compatible with iTunes and work for you. Yes, we’re talking about MP3 players. Some advanced MP3 players that are not designed by Apple can be compatible with iTunes.

Enjoy iTunes on the go even if you don’t have an iPod or iPhone. If you have the right MP3 player or if you just love having your music in a separate MP3 device, we can share with you some interesting options that are compatible with iTunes.

If you’ve been hunting for the best MP3 players that you can buy, you’re in the right place. We have selected the best devices and have included all the details in this article that you need to know to make a smart choice.  

The Best iTunes Compatible MP3 Players

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Sony NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 PlayerDigital music and photo player, drag and drop option for iTunes compatibility, expandable memory card slot
2. SanDisk 32GB Clip Sport Go MP3 Player LED Screen and FM Radio SDMX30-032GSuper-lightweight clip-on player, AAC codec for iTunes compatibility, built-in FM radio
3. Surfans F20 HiFi MP3 Player with BluetoothHigh-resolution music player, lossless audio, humanization design
4. Astell&Kern A&Ultima SP1000M High-Resolution Digital Portable Audio PlayerOcta-Core CPU for excellent performance, highest sound quality, DNLA-based AK Connect App
5. MYMAHDI MP3 Player, High-Resolution and Full Touch Screen, HiFi Lossless Sound Player with FM Radio and Voice RecorderSleek MP3 player design, a full-screen digital player with touch-screen, easy interactive experience

1. Sony NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

Best Features: The stylish MP3 player offers minimalist user interface and iTunes compatibility in an affordable price tag

If you have a budget for your MP3 players but are not willing to compromise on the features, this gadget by Sony is your best bet. The device isn’t only compatible with iTunes and offers you an excellent user interface, but it also comes with a variety of other features that make it such a hit. Packed with 16GB of internal storage, the player has an expandable memory card slot so you can keep your massive musical collections in one place. The sleek design and slick touchscreen are topped up with a built-in FM radio feature for maximum entertainment.  

2. SanDisk 32GB Clip Sport Go MP3 Player LED Screen and FM Radio SDMX30-032G

Best Features: The super-lightweight clip-on player supports various audio formats including AAC codec for iTunes compatibility and features a built-in FM radio

The super-light, ultra-portable MP3 player is exactly what you need if you listening to music while on the run. The SanDisk MP3 player is an inexpensive audio player that supports iTunes format so you can keep all your beloved tracks in one place. You don’t have to fork out lots of money for the excellent audio quality it offers. It boasts 16GB internal storage and supports a range of audio formats including WMA, FLAC, MP3, AAC, and WAV. The highlight of this musical gadget is its battery timing, which can last you a good 20 hours in a go!  

3. Surfans F20 HiFi MP3 Player with Bluetooth

Best Features: The classy mp3 player with scroll control wheel features lossless music and outstanding sound output that supports various formats including AAC for iTunes compatibility

The classy looking MP3 player does not only have unique aesthetic features but sound quality that’s unparalleled. It has a humanization design with 2.0” HD screen, a distinctive control wheel and high-grade zinc alloy chassis for excellent built and durability. The bi-directional Bluetooth MP3 player offers lossless audio and features audio stereo DAC chip and supports all significant formats so you can enjoy all kinds of music in one place. The catch is that the device is also compatible with iTunes and offer expandable storage so it can be adjusted as per your requirement.

4. Astell&Kern A&Ultima SP1000M High-Resolution Digital Portable Audio Player

Best Features: This luxurious MP3 player offers next-level performance and highest sound quality – thanks to its Octa-Core CPU and dual DAC feature

This MP3 player adds a touch of luxury to music. As far as the look and features are concerned, this is indeed the best audio device you can own. However, the only reason that it isn’t on top of the list is its steep price tag. The MP3 player is tagged at a staggering $2,999, and most of it goes to the way it looks. The highly-attractive player is finished in royal gold and has a design to die for. But if you’re wondering about the features and technology, they won’t disappoint you either. This device is the ultimate music source that brings you the experience of Mastering Quality Sound. Enjoy the power of true music with this one-in-a-kind MP3 player.

5. MYMAHDI MP3 Player, High-Resolution and Full Touch Screen, HiFi Lossless Sound Player with FM Radio and Voice Recorder

Best Features: The sleek-style MP3 player is a full-screen digital player with touch-screen, video support, and easy interactive experience

This MP3 is one of the first digital players with a full-screen and touch system that makes it appear and function like a mobile. The player supports a variety of playback coding including AAC to ensure iTunes compatibility. The full-screen HD video ensures you enjoy all your favorite music videos and enjoy a great interactive experience using a modern MP3 player with excellent features.  

6. Astell&Kern AK70 MKII MP3 Player High-Resolution Audio with WiFi Bluetooth

Best Features: Enjoy a premium quality MP3 player with separated channel circuit design for clear audio output and a DLNA-based music control app

Astell & Kern needs no introduction when it comes to designing top-notch audio devices. The classy-looking MP3 player supports all major audio formats and is compatible with iTunes. The device also has a relatively easier interface to give you more control over how you like your music. Enjoy crisp and dynamic sound quality and your favorite iTunes with this amazing MP3 player. If you are someone who loves extraordinary gadgets, this one will be a pleasant surprise. This compact size MP3 player is an excellent device that we highly recommend.

7. Pioneer Hi-Res Digital Audio Player XDP – 300R

Best Features: The device has a simple interface and extraordinary features and twin DAC that makes it stand out

Pioneer is a native name in the music player industry and this particular design is all you need for your music on the go and iTunes compatibility. The model comes in a sleek-looking design and flaunts hefty internal specifications. This bold device is one solid slab of metal that’s both heavy in weight as well on the pockets. In addition to all the aesthetics, the MP3 player boasts various balanced output modes to give for improved control.  

8. ONKYO Hi-Res Digital Audio Player DP-X1A

Best Features: This classy MP3 player by Onkyo is spacious, easy-to-use, and powerful

  • This model by Onkyo is a chunky one, but the best all-rounder we can recommend.
  • The gadget offers various levels of customization, an intuitive interface, and most importantly, outstanding sound quality that you cannot ignore.
  • The MP3 player has an attractive, phone-like device and can be completely optimized for your music, including iTunes.
  • The player is built with complete features of Android 5.1.

9. Astell & Kern AK70

Best Features: The stylish and high-quality MP3 player features diverse output types, DLNA Network compatibility with AK Connect, and USB audio

  • If you need a clear and smooth audio output, get this MP3 player from Astell & Kern.
  • The compact design allows easy portability so you can carry your music with you.
  • It works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as supports a lot of formats, which also enables its iTunes compatibility.

10. Pono Music Portable Music Player

Best Features: This one is an excellent MP3 player that plays high-resolution music in multiple formats and boasts a 64GB internal memory

  • The classic old school music player was among the first players that were made compatible with iTunes.
  • It has a very minimalistic design and a huge 64GB internal storage.
  • It supports a lot of formats and is great for playing high-quality music.

11. Sony Walkman NWZX2BLK

Best Features: The stylish MP3 player features 128GB internal memory, wireless capabilities, and 33 to 60 hours battery life so you can enjoy high-resolution audio.  

  • Another Walkman on our list and another superb one at that. They are almost similar, but what makes this one special is its 128 GB internal memory.
  • It has almost everything you need too. This includes a long battery, music restore features, diverse wireless options, and a lot more to entertain you.
  • It is perfectly compatible with iTunes for the diverse variety of formats it supports.

Buyer’s Guide

What does iTunes Compatibility Mean?

iTunes compatibility mainly means the ability to sync iTunes content to a smartphone or an MP3 player. Our focus on this article was to help you find the best MP3 players with iTunes compatibility so you can enjoy all of your music in a single gadget.

What About HP iPod?

Other than the devices mentioned in this article, there have been interesting footnotes regarding iPod history, featuring a non-Apple audio player that was compatible with iTunes: the HP iPod. During 2004, Hewlett-Packard licensed the iPod from Apple and sold it under the HP logo. These were the real iPods, but with a different logo on it. These were absolutely compatible with iTunes and worked remarkably. Unfortunately, the HP iPods were discontinued in 2005.  

iTunes on Non-Apple Devices

There’s often a debate over why iTunes doesn’t support non-Apple devices. And while conventional wisdom would suggest that by offering compatibility with different devices would get Apple more demand for iTunes and iTunes Store, this just isn’t how the business rolls.

Apple’s main focus is to sell hardware – like iPhones and iPods – and would naturally make the software available to people who will buy their main products. The real business runs on the money Apple makes on the hardware sales. The profit Apple makes by selling a single hardware device is much more than the profit they would make for selling hundreds of songs in iTunes.

To ensure the privilege of using iTunes by the program stays with the people who invest in their hardware, Apple wouldn’t let the program to sync with other devices.

What Really Supports iTunes Compatibility

Here’s another catch: there are certain software that adds iTunes compatibility to different devices. As you can already see, iTunes is compatible with only a handful of non-Apple MP3 players. But you can find various programs that can sync iTunes with Android phones, random MP3 players, and other devices. Some of these software include DoubleTwist Sync, iSyncr, iTunes Fusion, iTunes Agent, Tune Sync, and iTuneMyWalkman.


1. Can you really use MP3 players for iTunes?

Yes, there are MP3 players (as listed in this article) that allow you to use the music. However, you won’t be able to use the iTunes program to do it. When picking up an MP3 player for iTunes, make sure the audio format is compatible.

2. How do I play music on my non-Apple device from iTunes?

Call up ‘music library’ in your iTunes. Tap on ‘edit’ and choose ‘preferences’. Click on the ‘general’ tab and select ‘import’ settings. Click on the ‘import using’ option and choose ‘MP3 encoder’ on the pop-up menu. Click ‘OK’ to save changes and play iTunes on your MP3 player.

3. What’s the best way to save an iTunes song on your MP3 player?

To change your iTunes to MP3 format, find the song in your iTunes library and highlight it. Go to File > Convert > Create MP3 version, and your song file will be duplicated and saved in the new format.

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