The 11 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

We all purchase many accessories for our iPhones. But there’s a lesser-known accessory which despite its amazing capabilities, doesn’t get’s much attention.

And that is the iPhone clock dock. These docks provide multiple functions like Bluetooth, high-end speakers, lots of USB ports to charge multiple devices, radio, remote control, and many more features.

We have compiled a list of the best iPhone alarm clock docks to help you get your hands on these amazing gadgets. So if you’re ready, let’s get into it!

The Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

Top ProductsRatingsWeight
1. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock
(Editor’s Choice)
4.29.9 oz
2. JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging4.410.2 oz
3. Emerson Alarm Clock Radio and QI Wireless Phone Charger4.224.6 oz
4. iLuv Morning Call 5 Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Bedside Digital Alarm Clock4.017.6 oz
5. iHome iBTW38 Alarm Clock4.438.4 oz
6. Dpnao Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging4.112.3 oz
7. Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with USB Charger3.532 oz

1. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

The Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock is an amazing lightweight alarm dock with multiple features. As a clock for your nightstand, this dock is more than good.

That is because the dock has a 3.2-inch LCD with a large font and a few more measures on the screen. While some other amazing features of this product include a dual USB port, rotate button on top for easy operation, snooze option, indoor thermostat, and a backup battery.

Apart from this, the room temperature can also be seen on the screen. And, if the power runs out, it can run on backup batteries inserted in it as well.

2. JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

For people that prefer modern clocks, the JALL Wooden Alarm Clock is an ideal pick. It adds both elegance and functionality to your bedroom with its clean design and multiple features. The wireless charging pad supports all Qi-enabled devices, which includes the iPhone, as well as most Android smartphones.

Moreover, the clock shows humidity and temperature along with the time on its face. You can choose between multiple brightness modes to go with your bedroom lighting conditions. As for the alarm itself, you can set up to three and select a weekday mode that only rings from Monday to Friday.

3. Emerson Alarm Clock

The Emerson Alarm Clock is not brand specific as it works great on both iOS and Android devices. But it’s rather a universal clock dock that is compatible with all devices that support wireless charging and are Qi-compatible phones.

The clock dock serves multiple purposes which include wireless charging, a USB port for other devices, Bluetooth with a built-in mic, automatic time-zone settings when plugged in, and button cell batteries.

All of these features are supported by the vast majority of phones. Wireless charging is also supported by all the latest phones and Bluetooth 5.0 with built-in mic lets you take calls directly from your dock.

4. iLuv Morning Call

The iLuv Morning Call has a vast range of features that sets it apart from other docks. It has a distinctive, futuristic design that looks great on your nightstand. But apart from that, it has other cool features as well like wireless charging, USB charging ports, bed shaker, FM radio, and a sleep timer.

The FM radio is pretty good and the bed shaker works well in the morning to wake you up when you’re deep asleep. The wireless charging is supported by many devices and there is a USB charging port for your remaining devices as well.

5. iHome iBTW38 Alarm Clock

This product is one of its kind, and what sets it apart is its beautiful display screen and eye-catching shape. The iHome iBTW38 Alarm Clock provides wireless charging for all Qi-compatible phones, as well as a lightning USB port for charging an iPhone or other devices.

The dock offers many great features like an alarm, Bluetooth stereo, wireless charging station, and a USB port for other devices.

The Bluetooth stereo is fitted with amazing speakers that produce clear sound quality. Also, the alarm uses the same speakers so it gets really loud when it rings. For older iPhones that didn’t support wireless charging, there’s a lightning USB option and a USB port for other android devices.

6. Dpnao Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Dpnao Alarm Clock packs some amazing and highly-practical features that are difficult to find in other clocks at this price or size. The clock itself is very compact and barely takes any space on a side table. It’s wireless charging station supports Quick charge for all iPhones upwards of the 8 Plus, as well as Androids that support quick wireless charging.

You also have access to a USB port (also Quickcharge supported) at the back to charge multiple devices at once. The digital panel displays both time and room temperature, and has three brightness levels. On the back, there’s a warm night light that also has three brightness levels and turns on with a single tap.

Another cool feature of the Dpnao Alarm Clock is it has a 5W bluetooth speaker built-in, which can play songs directly from your phone as it charges on the station.

7. Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

What makes Bedside Radio Alarm Clock best in user experience is it’s seamless design and its embedded speakers. More than that, some amazing features of this product include a USB Port, Bluetooth speakers, Qi wireless charging, and a dimmable LED Display.

All of the above features are as cool as they sound. The USB port can be used to charge various devices whereas there’s a Qi wireless charging for newer smartphones that support it. Also, the dimmable LED display works flawlessly.

Additionally, the fabric coating on the dock gives an extra smooth feel to the product. Also, the supplier provides a hassle-free 12-month warranty that can be claimed anytime you need it.

8. iHome iW18

The iHome iW18 is a stylish bed-side clock that also serves a multi-purpose dock which is required by every person with a nightstand.

It features multiple alarm features to set alarms throughout your day for various reminders. Furthermore, it has a USB port that allows you to charge devices that don’t have wireless charging and the Qi pad can also charge AirPods that come with a wireless charging case.

Likewise, the iHome iW18’s usage isn’t limited to the nightstand or bedroom, but it can also be used in the kitchen, office, or your dorm room.

9. Azpen Dockall D100

From the looks of it, the Azpen Dockall D100 looks like a charging dock. But underneath it, you’ll find features like a fast wireless charger, Bluetooth speakers, and even multiple USB charging ports to charge multiple devices.

This dock’s fast wireless charging is powered by 3 vertical coils inside. The Bluetooth speakers have an amazing sound quality and a built-in mic that lets you easily take calls without disrupting your phone’s charging.

An amazing feature of this dock is that it can wirelessly charge phones with cases as thick as 5mm.

10. NOKLEAD Digital Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless Charger

The compact and portable NOKLEAD Digital Alarm Clock is a very travel-friendly and feature-packed wireless charger. It has a 10W charging coil that supports fast wireless charging for all eligible iPhones and Android devices.

As for the build-quality, the clock is made from aluminium and sports a minimalistic design that’s both robust and easy to carry in a bag or luggage.

It displays time in bold white LED digits that are easy to read and can be adjusted for brightness. The alarm has a beeping sound that gradually gets louder so it doesn’t abrupts your deep sleep.

11. G Keni CD Player Boombox QI Wireless Charger Alarm Clock

The G Keni CD Player Alarm Clock features a very minimalistic design with a brightness-adjustable LED display and full-fledge audio system. It has almost every single feature you could expect from a clock-dock.

This includes a CD player, Alarm, Radio, Dual alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, USB port, Digital display, Aux-in-jack, and Sleep timer.

Due to its versatility, the clock dock can be used in virtually any place you like, whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, living room or your office. You can make use of almost every single feature of this amazing clock dock, no matter where you place it.

Buyer’s Guide

An iPhone alarm clock dock can truly make your life easy. But before that, you have to go through the process of choosing the best one for yourself.

Because of the thousands of different features, it can become quite difficult to choose an iPhone clock dock.

So in order to make the process easier for you and save you hours of research, we have made a specific buyer’s guide to help you buy the best clock dock for yourself.

Here are some of very important features you should look out for before choosing a clock dock:


Purchasing any accessory for your iPhone and realizing it’s not compatible with your phone is a real bummer. So to prevent this from happening, always confirm the compatibility of the product with your iPhone.

Compatibility of what you might ask?

Over here, we are talking about Qi compatibility, which is basically what allows wireless charging. If you have an older iPhone model that does not support wireless charging, a wireless charging dock with Qi would be useless for you.

Apart from that, also make sure that the dock is compatible with iPhone’s lightning USB cable. You need MFi certified lightning cable in order to charge your iPhone properly without damaging it.

Backup Battery

Most iPhone alarm docks are powered through an AC cord. If in case the power runs out, the clock dock will automatically turn off. And when it turns off, the clock resets back to its standard time.

This can be an issue you can face if your area has a power problem, so what you need is a dock with a backup battery. The backup battery keeps the clock running and thus, you don’t have to set the time every time the dock shuts off.

Alternatively, you should look for a clock dock that doesn’t require you to re-calibrate the time, even if the dock powers off due to some fault.


Do iPhones have a nightstand mode?

Yes, after launching the ‘Watch’ application on your phone, tap on ‘General’, find the ‘Nightstand Mode’, and turn it on to activate the Nightstand mode.

Is iHome owned by Apple?

No. iHome products are all manufactured by iHome itself rather than Apple. Despite this, there’s no doubt that they make some of the best compatible products for iPhones including clock docks.

Are iHome speakers good?

iHome speakers are not just good, they’re amazing. Despite its small size, the speaker pack a punch and can deliver clear mids and lows and deep bass.

Do iPhones have Dolby Atmos?

Starting from iOS 13, Dolby Atmos is now supported on various Apple devices from 2018 and onwards. They deliver even more amazing sound quality from external speakers.

Why was AirPower canceled?

Apple announced to cancel the release of AirPower as they thought it won’t live up to the high standards of the brand. Also, there were few problems with the product so it was canceled.

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