25 Best Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are selfless individuals who give 100% of their energy, compassion, and courage to save others’ lives. But, unfortunately, sometimes it seems like there isn’t a gift big enough to show them how much we appreciate them.

If you’re looking for Christmas, graduation, or birthday gift for the nurse in your life, you’ve come to the right spot. This article shares perfect gifts for nurses for any occasion.

Best Gifts for Nurses – Our Top 5 Picks

We divided our list of gifts for nurses into multiple categories. Here are our top picks from each category.

Top PicksBest Features
1. Medical Equipment | StethoscopeNurses need stethoscopes just as much as penlights, nurse bags, bandage scissors, and other equipment on this list.
2. Clothing | Nurse-Themed Superhero T-ShirtNurses are superheroes, and they should never forget that. By buying this t-shirt for the nurse in your life, you remind them of just how important they are for everyone.
3. Cups and Mugs | I Will Stab You MugWe’re all about putting a smile on a nurse’s face, and we’re confident this cheeky mug can do so.
4. Gift Sets | Nurse Gift Box for WomenThis appreciation gift set is a perfect gift for the nurse in your life. It features a set of lovely designed gifts to match their unique personality.
5. Miscellaneous | What Do You Meme? Nurse EditionNurses deserve some quality game time with their friends and families too, which is why we choose “What Do You Meme?” as a winner in this category.

Best Gifts for Nurses List

Let’s start from the basics – nurse equipment.

Nurse Equipment

Nurses can’t work without proper equipment. Some of them may get all they need from work, while others must purchase their own. If the nurse in your life could use an extra stethoscope, bag, bulb pen, and other equipment, we have just enough ideas to get you started.

1. Stethoscope

A nurse without a stethoscope is like a cook without a pot. Paramed Monitoring Stethoscope is one of the best ones currently available on the market, and it won’t break your bank. Plus, the nurse in your life will be forever grateful for gifting them an essential tool to make their work more efficient.

2. Bovke Stethoscope Case

A stethoscope as a gift is incomplete without including a good stethoscope case. The good thing is you can choose from a variety of fashionable designs and colors on Amazon. We chose the Bovke, but you can go for any solution you find best. The Bovke stethoscope is semi-waterproof, shockproof, and durable. Most stethoscopes can fit its dimensions, and there’s a comfy handle for easy carrying.

3. CAVN Pen Light for Nurses

Pens are one of the most used items by nurses. This two-pack of aluminum alloy and LED-bulb pens are super durable and come with a pupil gauge and a tiny ruler on the side to help measure pupil dilation and length. Note that these pens use two AAA batteries not included in this package.

4. Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears

Every nurse needs proper tools to cut tape, gauze, clothing, bandages, etc. These bonded titanium-made blades are perfect for cutting these materials without damaging the patient’s skin, as there’s a bent handle for surface cutting.

5. CURMIO Nurse Bag

Does the nurse in your life do home visits? If so, this nurse bag is a great gift. It comes with excellent storage options: one main compartment for all medical supplies and multiple pockets for smaller tools like tweezers, thermometer, penlight, etc. Plenty of pockets, a modern and water-resistant design make this bag perfect for home visits and personal clinical studies.

6. Aproca Travel Case for 3M Littman Classic Monitoring Stethoscope

Here’s one of the most convenient, comfortable stethoscope travel cases money can buy. Gift the nurse in your life with this durable case built for long-lasting performance. Most nurses use 3M Littman Monitoring Stethoscopes, and this case is the perfect carry bag for them.

7. Mask Lanyards/Clips

Ask any nurse about one of the most annoying things they have to deal with, and we bet they’ll tell you it’s masks slipping off and irritating their ears. With these mask lanyards, they won’t have to worry about adjusting their mask all the time. The lanyard can also be used to hold glasses, passports, or anything that goes around the neck.

8. Speidel Original Scrub Watch

This easy-to-read clock with 12- and 24-hour markers is specifically designed for nurses and medical professionals. The three-hand quartz movement and a highly visible red second hand are perfect for pulse readings. Plus, the watch is available in a variety of scrub-matching colors.

9. Nurse Fanny Pack

This universal nurse pouch comes with nine pockets, a zippered pouch, a concealed elastic band for five syringes, two carabiners, a tape holder, and a badge holder. It’s perfect for keeping essential nursing tools within arm’s reach. The nurse in your life will be thankful for this efficient and timesaving gift.

10. Retractable ID Card Badge Holder

Badge holders can be handy and super fun. This two-pack holder with alligator clips comes in many designs, including heart, marble, Santa Claus, trees, animals, etc. The nurse in your life can let her unique personality glow with these authentic badge holders.

11. PocketGuru Set With 106 Pocket-Sized Nursing Reference Cards

If you’re shopping for a nursing student, check out this fabulous gift. When it comes to nursing “cheat sheets,” this set is classic. It has 24 general medicine, 20 cardiology, 24 labs, 22 pediatrics, pharmacy, respiratory, neuro, and other cards that ensure nursing students and even experienced nurses are never caught off guard.

Cups and Mugs

Nurse-themed cups, mugs, and shot glasses are great fun gifts for any occasion.

12. Nurse Themed Wine Tumbler

Does the nurse in your life also like wine? If so, these hilarious Christmas, graduation, or birthday Fancyfams wine tumblers are the way to go. They come in special gift packaging, have a sliding lid, metal straw, and a brush. These hot and cold drink tumblers help keep drinks at a perfect temperature.

13. I Will Stab You Nurse Travel Mug

If you’re looking for a funny gift any nurse will love, try this hilarious mug with a tongue-in-cheek way of letting patients know they’re doing their job. Made with a 100% stainless steel interior, it’s heat and cold resistant, double-walled, and keeps drinks cold or hot for hours. So your nurse friend or family member will have all the looks on their way to work.

14. 64HYDRO Nurse Nutrition Facts Tumbler Cup With Lid

Here’s another tumbler cup that’s sure to bring a smile to the face of any nurse. It features a nutrition facts table with ingredients such as Compassion (100%), Sleep (0%), Courage (500%), and so on. The stylish design will make your nurse friend or family member stand out among their colleagues.

15. Nurses Need Shots Too Shot Glasses

Does the nurse in your life need an occasional “shot” themselves? If so, these hilarious two-piece shot glasses set may just be what they need. They make a great graduation, birthday, or Christmas gift for male or female nurses.

Nurse Clothes

We found some fun nurse-themed T-shirts and caps, so your nurse friend never goes unnoticed.

16. Nurse-Themed Superhero T-Shirt

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a nurse, you can offer them this superhero-themed t-shirt. Made from a super comfy material, the shirt will also serve as an inspiration to the nurse in your life whenever they need a motivation boost.

17. Nurse-Themed Bible Verse T-Shirt

This t-shirt quotes the Bible – “She works willingly with her hands, Proverbs 31:31” – and it’s a great way to honor a hard-working nurse in your life. The modern and stylish design will make her never want to take this t-shirt off! You may even want to buy two in different colors.

18. Nurse Off Duty Baseball Cap

Your nurse friend or family member will love this vintage-style fashionable cap. It comes in grey and matches most casual outfits for a fabulous day out in the sun. Plus, it has adjustable slide-strap buckle closure and eyelets for comfortable breathability.

Gift Sets

Gift sets are always a good idea. Luckily, there are some fabulous nurse gift sets to choose from.

19. Nurse Gift Box for Women

This rose gold gift box is our choice for the cutest gift for nurses out there. The box includes a vacuum-insulated wine tumbler, nurse badge reel holder, absorbent, ceramic stone coaster, and funny socks reading, “If you can read this, this nurse is off duty.” And you don’t even have to wrap the gift – it’s already beautifully packed.

20. Nurse Two-Piece Gift With Tote Bag and Drink Tumbler

This beautiful mint tote bag and tumbler are a perfect gift for a female nurse in your life. Its stylish, high-quality, and durable design will make it a pleasure to carry to work every day. Plus, it’s a perfect size, so all their equipment and a lunch box can fit. The tumbler will keep the coffee warm for hours, and the lunch will stay fresh with the lunch cooler tote bag.


If you need further inspiration, here are miscellaneous gifts for nurses for any occasion.

21. Decorative Plaques

Nurse-themed plaques are a great way to celebrate the nurse in your life. These inspirational and often funny wall pieces will inspire the nurse every time they have to reaffirm their value. Plus, you can design your own personalized nurse plaque.

22. Fun Nurse Stickers

Here is an excellent collection of vinyl stickers for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more. So celebrate the nurse in your life by gifting them this fabulous 50-piece sticker pack with vibrant colors and thank you quotes. They’re all waterproof, durable, and made of thick vinyl.

23. What Do You Meme? Nurses Edition

If you have a nurse party lover in your life, you may want to consider getting them this fun game. Packed with classic meme images, it’s a fabulous gift everyone will love to play. Friends and family compete to create hilarious nursing memes, and the judge makes the final call on which one’s the funniest.

24. Nurse Blanket

With winter just around the corner, why not offer them an ultra-soft and comfortable blanket? The 51-inch x 59-inch throw blanket is so super cozy that they’ll never want to get out of it. Plus, it can serve as a bed, couch, or camping blanket. It has tons of beautiful prints on one side and solid-colored arctic velvet on the inside.

25. Infinity Collection Nurse-Themed Bracelet

Bracelets are always a good gift idea for women. This nurse-themed bracelet comes with a lovely “Nurses Are Angels Without Wings” silver-plated charm along with other medicine-themed charms. So whether you’re hunting for a graduation, birthday, or a nursing school gift, this may be your perfect choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Still don’t know what to gift your nurse friend or family member? Our buyer’s guide can help.

Get Into Their Shoes

If you’re buying a gift for a nurse, it’s probably someone close to you. If you were them, what would you like to receive as a gift? Think of the items they’ve recently talked about or maybe something they treasured but lost and start the gift hunt from there.

Be Purposeful

Try to get them problem-solvers rather than problem-makers. For example, if they need a spacious nurse bag to fit all their accessories, you can’t go wrong by purchasing one.

Respect Your Budget

If you find a gift above your budget, it may be wise to rethink the decision. Would the nurse in your life want you to spend more than you can afford to? Probably not. Be realistic in which gifts you can afford so that both you and the recipient can be happy with the purchase.


What Equipment Do Nurses Need?   

Nurses’ most commonly used tools include a stethoscope, reference books, scissors, hand sanitizers, bulb pens, sanitary gauze, masks, gloves, notebooks, BP apparatus, etc.

Is Nurse Equipment Expensive?

Most of the equipment for nurses is available at affordable prices on Amazon. So you most likely won’t break your budget by buying them a gift pack of three or four equipment items for their bag. The most expensive tools from the list above are blood pressure monitors that can cost a few hundred dollars.

What Is the Best Stethoscope for Nurses?

Two of the most popular stethoscopes for nurses are the 3M Littmann Classic III and Littmann Model 32000 Electronic. Unfortunately, most Littmann models were unavailable for purchase at the time of the writing of this article. Maybe you’ll have better luck finding them in stock at a later date.

Choosing the Best Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are modern-day heroes. Whenever there’s an opportunity, we should celebrate those who selflessly help others. That’s why we added a variety of gift ideas, and we hope we gave you enough that one will please the nurse in your life will love.