The 12 Best Gallon Water Bottles

By Susan Dorling | 2021 Guide

Best Overall:
Life Bottle 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Premium Choice:
YETI Rambler Gallon Jug

Great Value:
New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle

This updated guide lists all of the best gallon water bottles out there.

Drinking water is not just an essential part of life but ensuring that you maintain an ample intake is one of its many determinants.

We all know the importance of having a sufficient amount of water intake to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of us out there live a busy routine where the increasing pressure to stay ahead in this competitive word may come at a high cost, such as the negligence of our health.

It might not seem much, but the motivation to stay hydrated throughout the day is not necessarily present in everyone, and this is where having a reusable water bottle comes in handy.

If having a regular-sized water bottle is not enough for you to keep up with the minimum level of water intake, then investing in a gallon water bottle is a smart move.

The Best Gallon Water Bottles

1. Life Bottle 1 Gallon Water Bottle

The first thing to notice about the Life Bottle is that it has been marked with specific timings that are designed to help users know exactly when to consume water. It is already a challenge to consume an entire gallon of water throughout a day so markings on the Life Bottle act as helpful reminders to consume water at specific timings throughout their day.

The materials used in the manufacture of this product are guaranteed to be free of any BPA or any other chemical which can be harmful to your body. These valuable features go a long way in explaining why this product has been named as the Life Bottle.

2. Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon Water Bottle

If you require constant reminding regarding your daily consumption of water intake then the Ventura Pal Gallon water bottle is just what you require. This product comes marked with specific timings on its design which is there for users to know exactly how much water they have to consume and at which particular timings. Hence, users just have to follow the timings marked on their water bottle and they will be able to complete their gallon worth of water intake by the end of the day.

The product is both lightweight and durable which are two of the most heavily demanded features in any water bottle. This makes it very convenient when you have to carry this water bottle on the go and the tough materials used in its manufacturing means that it will certainly last you for the long-term.

3. Coleman Beverage Cooler

If you require a gallon worth of cold beverages while you’re on the go then we highly recommend that you check out the Coleman Beverage Cooler. The product comes equipped with a sufficiently wide bottle opening, providing users with an easy way of adding ice cubes of all shapes and sizes. This further ensures that your everyday beverages remain as chill as possible. The cover is also well built, ensuring a tight fit which significantly reduces the risk of any unwanted spills or leakages over time.

The added handle on the jug is designed to provide users with a convenient and reliable way of carrying their gallon worth of beverage with them. This ensures that you never miss out on completing your daily dose of water intake for a healthier lifestyle.

4. YETI Rambler Gallon Jug

If you wish for your drinks to remain chill or hot as possible for a long time then this is where the Yeti Rambler Gallon comes in. This product’s design incorporates an effective insulation system which ensures that the liquid content retains its desired temperature. Hence, users are not required to rely on ice cubes or external heating methods when carrying their liquid content in this desirable gallon jug.

The gallon jug comes in a wide range of attractive colors that are designed to keep their charm for the long-term. This is due to the high quality of the paint applied to this product which is meant to retain its fresh look without fading away with extended usage over time.

5. RTIC One Gallon Vacuum Insulated Jug

Everything about the RTIC One Gallon Jug is designed to scream premium. The stainless steel incorporated in the product is of high quality that ensures users never have to worry about dealing with harmful chemicals as it has been proven to be non-leaching, non-toxic, and completely free from any traces of BPA.

The product offers well-built handles which are a bonus for users who require their gallon worth of beverages while on the go. Furthermore, the smart vacuum insulation present in the product will ensure that your beverage retains its cool for up to 24 hours and heat for up to 6 hours.

6. SLUXKE Gallon Water Bottle Jug

The SLUXKE Gallon Water Bottle Jug comes with marked timings which act as a reminder for users to get their daily water intake during specific timings. The materials used in the product are guaranteed to be completely safe for long-term use which makes it the perfect partner for users who require maximizing their daily water intake. Using water bottles that are BPA-free is rapidly becoming a priority for users and things aren’t any different when it came to the production of this product either.

The product is also very light but don’t let that fool you when it comes to its durability. The strong materials used for the manufacture of this product will ensure that you will not easily get to replace this water bottle anytime soon!

7. Under Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug

The Under Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug not only comes with a great design, but it is well built to ensure that the fluid that it carries stays cold for a long time. This is due to the presence of  a double padded foam, which allows effective insulation and effectively keeping fluids fresh for up to 12 hours. A full gallon water bottle is not going to be used up quickly, so it dramatically helps in having such insulation present.

Another great feature present in this attractive water bottle is its smartly designed lid as it ensures that no unnecessary leaks take place while its user is on the go. The entire mechanism is designed to operate with the push of a button, which assists in providing that leak-resistant setup. If this is the gallon water bottle that you wish to go with, then there a wide range of colors that pop.

8. Isolator Fitness ISOJUG Insulated One Gallon Water Jug Holder with ISOBRICK and Shoulder Strap

The Isolator Fitness ISOJUG is designed to partner with all fitness enthusiasts out there. Individuals who require ample water intake in their fitness regime know that finding the perfect gallon water bottle is no easy task, which is due to their demands that such individuals require. This is why this product has been mentioned in this list as it ticks all the requirements that any fitness enthusiast would wish to have.

This product comes with a handy carrying case, which makes things easier for those who are always on the go. This is applied towards fitness enthusiasts who would no doubt require to carry their water intake during their training hours.

9. ISOJUG COMBO Thin Red Line – with ISOBRICK Ice Pack & Shoulder Strap

The travel case present with the ISOJUG Thin Red Line is there to ensure that the liquid contained in the product remains at an optimal temperature for its user. This is due to the effective insulation that the carrying case provides so that liquid content can stay cold for the long-term.

The aggressive design will complement dedicated gym-goers who require the necessary gear to assist in their grueling workouts and fitness regime. There are many products from ISO that fitness enthusiasts have loved over the years, and this gallon water bottle is another name added to this list.

10. New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle 

The New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle is just what its name suggests! This product is free from BPA and is manufactured from Tritan Resin and that too of the highest possible quality. Research has proven that all products that have been manufactured using Tritan are free from BPA, which is why this product from New Wave has been turning heads across the market.

This product comes equipped with a large bottle opening that can easily allow ice cubes to fit in. Hence, it ensures that its users have access to ample water intake that is kept cold for a long time. If you require sufficient water intake on the go, then this product is well suited to all your requirements.

11. Geo Sports Bottles 1 Gallon Reusable Leak-Proof Drinking Water Bottle w/48mm Stainless Steel

This drinking water bottle from Geo Sports has been manufactured using materials that have been approved by the FDA, which is a clear indication of the product being safe to use daily. Many gallon water bottles involve the use of harmful chemicals during their production stage, but this is not the case with this product as it is entirely free from even the slightest traces of BPA.

The design of this product is provided with extra attention to details as the built-in bottle opening is made out of stainless steel, which also ensures that there are no unwanted leakages of any sort. Furthermore, the bottle opening is large enough for its user to add a few ice cubes and ensure that their water intake remains chilled for the long-term.

12. TopWare Water Bottle for Fitness, Camping and Bicycle Gym

This beautifully designed gallon water bottle by Topware is another product that uses the safest materials in its manufacturing process. The product is made out of Tritan plastic, which is not only dishwasher safe but also free from any harmful chemicals. That’s not all as its inbuilt handle makes it very easy for users not just to carry the bottle itself but also to drink its content.

Furthermore, the bottle opening in the product is ideally suited to ensuring that there are no leaks or spills over long-term usage. This explains why the product has generated great reviews from a host of its users.

Buyer’s Guide

We have mentioned a host of gallon water bottles that are all able to hold their own in such a large market. If you are still unsure regarding which gallon water bottle to opt for then, we have highlighted a few factors that you should carefully consider while making your purchase decision.


There is no secret that a gallon water bottle is intended to be reused over a long period. The materials that such a product is manufactured with will ultimately decide whether or not it can provide its user with the longevity and durability that they seek. If the product encompasses premium products such as stainless steel, then it is clear that it has been designed for the long-term, so pay special attention to what you are investing your hard-earned money in.


Various components can into the manufacture of water bottles. Polycarbonates such as Epoxy Resins are one of the most commonly found materials in such products, and their use is linked with Bisphenol A (BPA), which results in more durable plastic. However, the release of such a chemical eventually leads to the build-up of odor, and not every user wishes to drink out of a container that is linked with chemicals. This is where Tritan comes in, which is another popular material used to manufacture water bottles. The flip side to opting for such content is that it is not as durable, which means that you should not expect your water bottle to last a very long time. But at least you will not have to deal with any chemicals. Furthermore, ensure that the product has an FDA approval as any other option is a significant no go!


This is one area where numerous purchasers will not look to settle for a compromise as who doesn’t love a chilled beverage? It is already tough to maintain sufficient intake of water, and if you have to do this without cold water, then you’re not very likely to stay motivated. This is where having a water bottle with proper insulation becomes so essential, and this is undoubtedly a factor that all purchasers need to pay extra attention towards. There are a host of attractive options mentioned above that offer users the proper insulation required to keep the liquid temperature at an optimal level for an extended period.


You might end up with the most attractive looking water bottle, but if it is poorly designed then you aren’t getting a sweet deal, are you? The mouth opening of the product might not seem like a big deal at first, but if you consider the advantages that such a factor offers, then you would undoubtedly know what we are referring to. A large mouth opening allows users to easily add ice cubes in their liquid container, effectively keeping their water cool for a more extended period.

The handle of a water bottle is another feature that deserves extra importance due to the convenience that it offers users. You need to look at what you want out of your water bottle as such handles can be both built into the water bottle itself or come in the shape of strap that can be attached to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best method to clean a water bottle made out of plastic?

To effectively clean a plastic water bottle, start by rinsing the container using water that is clean to remove all residues present. Next, use a mixture of liquid soap and clean water until the bottle is half full and then mix the solution in the container thoroughly before rinsing it out. Set the bottle upside down in a clean place to let the container dry off.

Are water bottles safe to use with dishwashers?

Although there are many water bottles out there that are completely safe to use with an ordinary dishwasher, this is not the case for all such products. The best way to tell if your water bottle is safe to use with a dishwasher is to go through any description that might be available with the product, such as its packaging or through its engraving.

Can you use either cold or hot liquid with your water bottle?

While the majority of water bottles are designed to withstand both cold and hot liquid content, but it is a safe bet to once again go through the products’ description. Many water bottles are vulnerable to a liquid that is either too hot or too cold, so it’s definitely better to be on the safer side of things.


There is a wide range of options to select from when opting to purchase a brand new gallon water bottle. Just the design or price point of the product is no longer sufficient to determine which offers you should opt for. Hopefully, we managed to make your purchase decision a lot easier as you are well aware of all the crucial factors that you need to consider before selecting your next water bottle.

We have already mentioned our clear top picks when it comes to purchasing a brand new gallon water bottle, and we would love to hear which ones you would consider for your next purchase! Kindly leave us a comment, mentioning your favorite gallon water bottle, even if it didn’t manage to make it on our list.

As always, stay safe and stay hydrated!

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