The 7 Best Fantasy Football Magazines

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Guide

Everyone loves football. Some people like watching it, some playing it, and some even managing it. And managing is where fantasy football comes in.

And to further increase the hype, there are fantasy football magazines.

So what are the best fantasy football magazines and which ones should you buy?

Keep on reading to find out!

Best Fantasy Football Magazines – Our Top 7 Picks

Top Products RatingYear
1. SEAN RYAN Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide (Kindle)5.02020
2. BOB LUNG Fantasy Football Consistency Guide (Print Replica)5.02020
3. SEAN RYAN Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide4.12019
4. IAN ALLAN Fantasy Football Index (Paperback)4.62019
5. BOB LUNG Fantasy Football Consistency Guide (Paperback)4.42019
6. DRAFT ENGINE fantasy Football 2018 Single Issue Magazine4.62018
7. Beckett Fantasy Football Magazine ENCORE CBS Sports5.02019

1. SEAN RYAN Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide (Kindle)

This magazine is best if you want to get all the updated info about football as this mag uses the latest stats and does not use last year’s or outdated stats so that you know which players are going to perform better in the upcoming NFL season.

It’s a whole draft guide on how to make your perfect team in football fantasy according to the real play-style of football players.

The data and advice in this magazine are very unique when you compare it to others. By the help of this magazine, you will start winning in your leagues in no time!

2. BOB LUNG Fantasy Football Consistency Guide (Print Replica)

Don’t think that this magazine is just some normal fantasy football guide. Because this guide by Bon Lung gives importance to consistency while drafting and managing your team.

How does it do that? Well, it shows you the compiled (latest) stats of the most consistently good players that you can add to your team. The in-depth analysis by the author leaves you with no confusion and sets you right on the path of victory.

Be warned. Do not recommend this to your league members because you don’t want them to win or come close the next time.

3. SEAN RYAN Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

You can easily find rankings and other info about fantasy football online. So why buy this guide? Because this is the world’s first and only fantasy scouting guide, with some next-gen fantasy sports analytics.

The 140 pages of this magazine are filled with detailed and easy to follow strategies from the very experienced Sean Ryan. This magazine encourages learning through recorded real NFL matches to study the plays and know their progress.

The only other guide that you will need would be the next year’s issue of this same magazine.

4. IAN ALLAN Fantasy Football Index (Paperback)

This one’s a good option if you are new to fantasy football because this guide is not too detailed to confuse the newbies, although it has everything you need to get you started.

The most helpful thing about this guide is that it shows you the in-depth charts and cheat sheets to make everything easier for you. And this magazine will also tell you about individual defensive for aggressive players.

To get an idea of which player will perform good in the future, this magazine comes with stat projections for the upcoming seasons.  

5. BOB LUNG Fantasy Football Consistency Guide (Paperback)

If you made the mistake of not buying last year’s issue of this mag, you should surely get this one right now. That’s because this magazine will help you get into the competition.

With the same focus on the consistency method, you can use this guide along with the latest and previous issues to study more deeply if you are very eager to win the league.  

You will get the best advice from the big fantasy football league winners like Bob Lung and Mike Nease in this guide, which will help you a lot in your leagues.

6. DRAFT ENGINE fantasy Football 2018 Single Issue Magazine

The draft engine magazine is for the ones who are trying to become the pros. This magazine has everything that you will need to not just enjoy the league, but win it as well.

With value-based rankings, in-depth team charts, and more than 375 player rankings, there is no way you don’t want to buy it.

I have read this one myself and it’s very easy to read and follow. The knowledge and strategies you will learn from this magazine would be good enough for a whole league season and possibly the next one too.

7. Beckett Fantasy Football Magazine ENCORE CBS Sports

This magazine focuses on giving you the best rankings and stats. With more than 350 player profiles and ranked top 100 players, this magazine helps you to choose the players you think would be good for your team draft.

And for the readers that are new to fantasy football, this mag includes a rookie breakdown which will help you get a simple understanding of the fantasy football world and how are the leagues played.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing which fantasy football magazine to buy can be a difficult task. Although, I would still suggest that you should buy more than a single magazine.

The reason is that all the magazines out there can be unique in their own way. Anyways, these are the things that you should look for when you want to buy a football magazine:

Updated Stats:

It is very important for the information, rankings, and stats to be updated, or else it would be of no use. These will help you to predict more accurately about which players will perform better than the others.

Unique Strategies:

If you really want to play the league for winning or having a higher placement, then you must follow new and unique strategies. Or else if you keep following the same old ways, then the ones using the new and better ones would easily win and you will be left behind.

Good Source:

By this, I mean that the author of the guide or magazine you are buying should be an experienced player or a known person in the work of fantasy football. Or else you would just be blindly following some bogus strategies which won’t let you win and would also waste your time and money.


What is the point of fantasy football?

The point is to win the league or place higher against your friends or the competitors of your league online. You can earn money by winning in big league matches.

How do you play fantasy football?

First, you need to find a league and sign it up online. Then you will have to select players and make a team. After the real NFL season, placements in the league will be judged according to the performance of players selected.

Does playing fantasy football cost money?

You can participate in free league seasons through mobile apps or register in paid big league seasons. You might need to get paid coaching through magazines or books.

Can real NFL players play fantasy football?

NFL players can play fantasy games but there are some rules made for them. These rules restrict them from winning more than a certain amount of money from fantasy football games.

What position should you draft first in fantasy football?

In depends on your strategy but it’s good to draft backs first followed by a tight end, then a defense, a kicker, and at the end, a quarterback.

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