The 13 Best Fantasy Football Magazines

If you’re a die-hard football fan, you’re likely already playing fantasy football!

While fantasy football is a rewarding hobby, there are a lot of things to consider. That’s where many people get a little help from Fantasy Football Magazine.

The Best Fantasy Football Magazines — Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsPages
1. The Fantasy Football Black Book 2021160
2. The Fantasy Football Black Book 2020161
3. 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide167
4. 2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide223
5. Draft Engine Magazine 2020 Fantasy Football NFL Panthers Christian Mccaffrey
6. Fantasy Football Index 2020172
7. Lindy’s Sports Pro Football Magazine240

1. The Fantasy Football Black Book 2021

Author: Joe Pisapia | ISBN-13: 979-8510821178 | ASIN: B095L9LWGD | Weight: 1.06 pounds

Best Features: Features Joe Pisapia’s Relative Position Value technique and strategies for a number of NFL leagues

Regarded as the number #1 book by one of the best authors in the business, the Fantasy Football Black Book 2021 by Joe Pisapia is a dream for all players. It provides a detailed strategy and guide on a number of NFL leagues, including casual leagues and dynasty.

Joe’s Relative Position Value tool has been a game-changer for multiple players and have helped them build the dream team. For anyone invested in Fantasy Football, the 2021 edition of the Black Book is a no-brainer.

2. The Fantasy Football Black Book 2020

Author: Joe Pisapia | ISBN-13: 979-8649311847 | ASIN: B089CJJM27 | Weight: 1.87 pounds

Best Features: The 15time best-selling Fantasy Black Book is your go-to guide for NFL 2020 for its comprehensive literature and league-specific draft strategies

If you’re looking for legit Fantasy Football secrets, this magazine is a well-kept possession to help you win your fantasy league. This must-have magazine gives you a proper breakdown of strategies and updated information to make you a pro. It’s a great magazine to get your hands on, especially if you haven’t done your homework.

The magazine is thebest seller for 15 consecutive years and is considered a foundation for assembling a successful fantasy team!

3. 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide

Author: Bob Lung | ISBN-13: 979-8633543728 | ASIN: B086PVRBD1 | Weight: 14.2 ounces

Best Features: This is one of the best magazines to help you with Fantasy Football consistency when managing and drafting your teams

The Fantasy Football Consistency Guide 2020 includes the unique blend of mind-bending statistics, great advice, expert prognostication, and an assortment of entertaining and informative Fantasy-specific information.

If you’re looking for real information to beat your Fantasy Football competition, this magazine offers draft strategies, team report cards, player capsules, bargains and busts, and so much more. The magazine is known to include content that’s more pertinent for your Draft day.

4. 2020 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

Author: Sean Ryan | ISBN-13: 979-8644436545 | ASIN: B088BDKG85 | Weight: 1.17 pounds

Best Features: This premium pick is not a magazine but a Fantasy Football scouting agency that combines next-gen sports analytics for best strategy making.

Get some of the most important dates with regards to your Fantasy Football game with the draft guide available in this magazine. It holds all the important information you will need to prepare yourself for the league. In addition to a comprehensive draft guide, the magazine also includes various updates to keep you alert.

The information shared in this magazine is considered reliable to a great extent as it is the collective work of various experts working together to list down the top players.

5. Draft Engine Magazine 2020 Fantasy Football NFL Panthers Christian Mccaffrey

Author: Generic | ASIN: B08CRZ2T9H

Best Features: If you’re looking for a leg up on the competition with the right Fantasy Football strategies, this is a great magazine to start with

Stay ahead of the pack with the latest and upgraded information you will find in this Draft Engine Fantasy Football magazine. The content focus is on the draft analysis and close predictions to help you proceed with your game accordingly.

The biggest plusis the Matchup in this magazine that’s incorporated to help players with smart strategy-making. Additionally, it features the current stats of players to give you an idea of how well they match up according to the draft you have in your mind.

6. Fantasy Football Index 2020

Author: Ian Allan | ISBN: 978-1928692300 | ASIN: 1928692303 | Weight: 7.4 ounces

Best Features: The definitivereference guide for Fantasy Football enthusiasts that contains stat projections, cheat sheets, team and player analysis, sleeper picks, and a lot more.

This magazine is an expert product drafted by 20 fantasy football experts who share information according to their methods. It enables you to make a better choice based on your understanding and skills as well.

Don’t play Fantasy Football as a guessing game. This magazine will ensure you have all the information you need to have complete control over your game.  

7. Lindy’s Sports Pro Football Magazine – 2020 Preview – NFL & Covid-19 Single Issue Magazine

Author: Lindy’s Sports | ASIN: B089T6PLD1

Best Features: The detailed magazine features 160 pages of rosters with player comments, team previews, and a detailed bio on every drafted player

The 2020 issue of this Fantasy Football features exclusive draft strategies, strength-of-schedule, coaching carousel, and information on value players. In addition to crucial details that will help you draft a smarter game that will take you to the championship.

The magazine features fantasy rookies, draft-day questions, and draft strategies that would even help a beginner give a tough competition and proceed with a winning game.

8. Football Outsiders Almanac 2020

Author: Aaron Schatz | ISBN No: 979-8666296882 | ASIN: B08DBYHC5R | Weight: 2.67 pounds

Best Features: Enjoy free off-season updates and great advice to stay on top of your game with this guide

The best part about this magazine is that it includes a guide with cheat sheets and in-depth charts to make everything easier. It provides information regarding individual players and their performance to help you give an idea of which player will perform better in the next league.

The magazine includes everything important for a newbie to get started as it comes with stat projections that can help the players with the next seasons.  



Best Features: The magazine breaks down the specifics to up your own game and includes advice to maximize our chances of winning at Fantasy Football

Find information about the largest selection of players and their game and performance to make a more informed draft decision. The magazine has expanded the list of players to help make comparisons easy. One of the best features of this magazine is its comprehensive and clear strategy.

It includes various mock drafts as well as information regarding many sleepers.


Author: Various | ASIN: B08BS4K29F | Weight:  1 pound

Best Features: This magazine offers you the edge necessary to outperform your competitors on draft day with reviews and draft guides that makes strategy-making easier

This Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football magazine is dedicated to football enthusiasts and holds all relevant content to help you make smart choices.

The biggest plus is that the magazine contains information from an NFL insider that will further breakdown players’ skills and performance, which allows you to depend more on the datafor making the right decision.  

11. DTP’s 2020 NFL Draft Guide

Author: Daniel Parlegreco | ISBN No: 979-8619749038 | ASIN: B0858VT1DL | Weight:  1.84 pounds

Best Features: Enjoy reading the ultimate Football Fantasy draft resource that contains more than 300 most reliable prospects for the 2020 NFL draft

A unique feature of this Football Fantasy magazine is its detailed consistency profiles for more than 300 NFL players. We believe that consistency is the key to the success of Fantasy Football, and that’s what this magazine will help.

The analysis takes into account the player’s performance for the previous seasons against good and bad defenses. The consistency profile ranking gives you a clear idea and helps you make smart choices.

12. The Perfect Draft Day Kit

Author: Dustin A Parr | ISBN No: 978-1095786727 | ASIN: 1095786725 | Weight: 12.8 ounces

Best Features: Pack yourself with information you’re looking for hidden in this magazine to help you with strategies and ranking in Fantasy Football

This interesting magazine is worth looking at for its pretty accurate information regarding the draft. The magazine also includes player reports and comparisons that you don’t want to miss. Top players from the previous season are compared in a table, making it easier to analyze your picks.

With hundreds of stats and secrets shared by experts, with this magazine in hand, you do not have to look too far to understand the Fantasy Football game strategy.

13. The 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Collection

Author: Phillip Caldwell | ISBN No: 979-8648113534 | ASIN: B08924GDJT | Weight: 8.5 ounces

Best Features: The complete guide to help you understand the importance of consistency and why it is crucial for winning Fantasy Football championships.

Don’t think of this magazine as your regular guide. This guide includes information by experts regarding consistency, drafting, and managing the team. It has thelatest statistics highlighting all the reliable players so you can draft a team accordingly.

The detailed analysis enables you to make the right choice.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in the Best Fantasy Football Magazine

Every Fantasy Football magazine is different from each other. Each has certain features that set them apart. The key is to find the one that works best for you and takes your game up a notch. This guide here will help you make the right choice and pick the best Fantasy Football magazine.


When it comes to football, the word ‘history’ is extremely relevant. Like history repeats itself, the players and teams associated with football tend to create a winning dynasty. To make the right choice, look for the magazine’s history.

And even though they’re all based on personal opinions and expert advice, some magazines can give you reliable advice. Look for a reputable author to help you. I have carried out detailed research to guarantee that the magazines covered in this article have expert sources.

Updated Statistics

The information, statistics, and rankings should be updated to give you relevant ideas and advice. The idea is to look for information that helps you predict with more accuracy. The updated statistics will help you determine the players that will perform better than the rest.  

Important Strategies

To gain that higher placement you’ve been eyeing, it is important to identify and follow unique strategies. You must evolve and learn ways to implement new strategies. If you continue following the same old ways, you will lag behind for sure.


Price is another important consideration because most experts advise buying several magazines for smart strategy-making. Compare your options and adjust your budget accordingly. It’s a waste of money to pay outrageous prices for something only relevant for a year.  

Here’s an interesting video that reveals top tips to play a winning Fantasy Football game:

Determining the Magazine Content

Understanding the magazine’s content is what you need to stay on top of your game. Different magazines focus on different strategies and content. If you just entered the world of Fantasy Football, these tips will help you:

Player Statistics

Guides with players’ stats are a great way to gather important information to stay ahead.

Mock Draft

A mock draft is probably the first thing you should look for as far as the content of the magazine is concerned. This information is a prediction by experts about where the players will be drafted.

Team Profiles

Information regarding team profiles is crucial too. Some magazines contain charts to help you keep track of all the current players.

Insider Information

Insider info can be a little tricky to come by in a magazine. However, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a magazine that shares insider information, your life will be so much easier.

Season Recaps

The season recap is the last thing you want to see if you have had a bad Fantasy Football season, but it’s a great piece of information to get insight into many of your mistakes and learn from them.


Are Fantasy Football magazine’s predictions reliable?

These magazines are not your surefire ways to get everything right. Just like any other magazines, Fantasy Football magazines contain guidelines to help you improve your game. They are by no means 100% reliable or accurate and are based on the different opinions of the experts/authors.  You should use various sources of information for the best results.

What factors do they take into account to ensure the relevance of predictions?

This is an important question considering that predictions are not based on clear evidence. Experts and enthusiasts make these predictions based on their knowledge and personal opinion. However, some may have insider information that they may share in the magazine.

Which Fantasy Football magazine should I choose?

There are many answers to this question and we have listed our top choices in this article. The answer will depend on how much you agree with an author’s opinion and what works best for you. The only way to figure out the best Fantasy Football magazine for yourself is to experiment and try a few at a time for a better approach.

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