The 10 Best Cordless Phones Without An Answering Machine

A cordless is a must in every household these days.

Although we all carry smartphones these days, there are still house members who use them. The list includes elderly and children.

So what are the best cordless phones without answering machines?

Read on below to find out!

Best Cordless Phones Without An Answering Machine – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingWeight
1. VTech CS6719-2 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone4.21 lbs
2. AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System4.315.2 oz
3. AT&T EL52313 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone4.11 lbs
4. Panasonic KX-TGE433B Cordless Phone with Answering System4.211.22 oz
5. PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine4.32.6 lbs
6. Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering Machine4.110.2 oz
7. Clarity E814CC Amplified Corded/Cordless Phone3.613 oz

1. VTech CS6719-2 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone

This cordless phone comes with a caller ID, consist of a base unit and a handset that you can mount on the table or the wall. It has a backlit screen and buttons as well. The phone can save up to 50 contact numbers. It also has a speed dial and redial option, as well as an intercom with the base unit.

It consists of duplex speakers that convey crystal clear voice. Another great feature of this cordless phone is conference call. It also tells you about the calls that are awaiting. When you need complete silence, you can set it on silent mode as well.

2. AT&T DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

The AT&T DECT 6.0 is a great cordless phone for the price. On each call, the phone announces the caller ID loud and clear. You can save your contacts and then just click a single button to call. You also have the ability to block any number easily with it’s smart block feature.

You can use it during the day or night, thanks to its backlit screen. It ensures high voice quality along with powerful speakers. The cordless has a very long range so you can use your cordless anywhere in the house without needing the base unit.

3. AT&T EL52313 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone

This is yet another great AT&T cordless phone that has big buttons and a large screen. The font is also big and bold so that you can see the screen clearly. It also has an answering machine along with the caller ID announcement feature.

Moreover, the screen of the cordless and the buttons are both backlit. The speakers pack a punch so that you can hear each and every word clearly from the receiver.

4. Panasonic KX-TGE433B Cordless Phone with Answering System – 3 Handsets

This Panasonic cordless phone serves many purposes. Aside from talking, you can also use it as a baby monitoring system, intercom, and key finder by attaching a detector on the key ring and activating it. It can efficiently announce caller ID’s and your saved messages for the family.

Also, the big backlit screen of the cordless provides ease of use. Its signal range is very long so you can use it in the entire house. The speakers are powerful and deliver crystal clear sounds.

5. PANASONIC Corded/Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

The Panasonic Corded/Cordless Phone System comes with one corded and two cordless phone sets. It’s a very smart unit and can be used as an intercom, baby monitoring system, and key finder. You can also block unwanted calls with the click of a single button. The long signal range of the cordless also allows you to take any where in your house. Other than that, it’s very handy and has a sleek and stylish design.

6. Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering Machine and Smart Call Block

The Panasonic DECT 6.0 provides some amazing features along with basic ones. It has a very stylish design with backlit buttons as well as display. It has a talk time up to 10 hours on a single charge too.

The station has a special message counter that let’s you quickly see the number of voice messages received. You also have the option of instantly blocking unknown numbers with the call block button. Furthermore, the cordless is also capable of bi-lingual caller ID announcements, one in English and the other in Spanish.

7. Clarity E814CC Amplified Corded/Cordless Phone

The Clarity E814CC is specially designed for seniors and the elderly. It comes with a corded phone and a cordless set. It also has large backlit buttons and a backlit widescreen for great visibility during both day and night .

The speakers are dual powered so that you can listen to each and every word clearly. The battery is large enough that you can use your phone all day without having to recharge it again and again. You can also connect your headset with the phone to talk through it more conveniently.

8. Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System

  • This system comes with five handsets
  • You can synchronize it with your smartphone
  • It can connect to voice assistants such as Siri and Google assistant
  • The phone has powerful speakers, smart design, block number options, and connects to the Bluetooth as well

9. PANASONIC Amplified Cordless Phone

  • The speakers are amplified up to 50 dB so that you can hear every word loud and clear
  • It has a slow speech option where you can slow down the speech of the caller to listen more properly
  • The screen is backlit with big buttons and a large screen
  • It includes caller ID, speakerphone, power backup, 9-speed dials, and is extendable to 5 other handsets

10. Panasonic 2-Line Cordless Phone System with 1 Handset 

  • It comes with a bilingual caller ID
  • You can connect your mobile phone to the base unit and charge it or synchronize and use it smartly.
  • This cordless phone can be connected to the voice assistants such as Siri and Google assistant.
  • The speakers are powerful so that you can enjoy talking to your family and friends
  • It has an answering machine, Link2Cell, 3-way conference feature, call block, long range DECT 6.0, and a Bluetooth

Buyer’s Guide

So which cordless phone suits you and your home the best? Choosing the right cordless is important and it depends on what you need with your phone. While you’re making the decision, look for the following things:

  • Look for features: Make sure that the features that the company claims their phone has, really exist. Also, make sure you need these features on your phone. For example, a speakerphone, caller ID, a headset jack, and ringer are important features you always need in your phone.
  • More talk time with crystal clear voice: Most important is that your cordless phone should provide at least 8 hours of talk time without needing to recharge. And the sound should be very clear as the mobile phone’s voice quality isn’t that good so your cordless should provide premium voice quality.
  • Design: If you are interested in buying a cordless phone then pick it up and check whether it fits in your hand well. Is the design contemporary and easy to handle? If yes, then that cordless phone is a great choice for you.
  • Price and return policy: Look for the phone that has as many features as you want, but don’t get extravagant. Also, make sure you know the return policy in case your phone does not function properly.


What is the best cordless phone for home use?

VTech and Panasonic provide some of the best cordless phones that can be used for a long time with a clear voice.

What is the best brand for cordless phone?

In terms of quality and design, Panasonic provides premium quality cordless phones. But you have to see what features you want in your cordless and buy one accordingly.

How long should a cordless phone last?

A cordless phone should last for at least 1 to 2 years if it’s of a good brand. It depends on how you maintain your phone and is it of good quality or not. If you find your new phone not working properly then contact the vendor and exchange it.

Should I leave my cordless phone on the charger all the time?

Once the phone is fully charged, you can still leave it on the charger as there are no harmful effects.

What is the best cordless phone in 2020?

Panasonic provides some of the best cordless phones in the year 2020. You could also look for other brands as they also have some great phones.

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