The 7 Best Battery TV Arabic IPTV Boxes

Watching live channels through the internet is a rather unappreciated method of watching television.

However, IPTV’s or Internet Protocol Television services have made this possible. With just an internet connection and an IPTV box, you are able to scroll through thousand of channels in an instant.

So what about Saudi Arabia? And what are the best Arabic IPTV boxes?

Keep reading to find out!

Best Battery TV Arabic IPTV Boxes – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingsNo. of channels
1. MAG 322 W1 IPTV BOX + IN BUILT WIFI + HDMI CABLE + REMOTE + POWER ADAPTER3.9All major networks from major cities
2. Arabic TV Box HD 4K, 8000+ Channels Including Arabic and International Channels58000+
3. 2 Years Renewal Service for Your Arabic IPTV 4.1 
4. IPTV Box 4K Android TV Receiver, 1600+ International Live Channels51600+
5. Arabic IPTV Box 4K Android TV Receiver, 1600+ World International Live Channels4.11600+
6. Arabic TV Box HD 4K, 8000+ Channels Including Arabic and International Channels3.78000+
7. Arabic TV Box HD 4K, 9000+ Channels Including Arabic and International Channels No Monthly Fee59000+

1. MAG 322 W1 IPTV BOX

When we watch the daily programs that are being aired on the local network are not interesting, we want to see channels and programs of our choice and our own timings, because let’s face it we are all very busy.

MAG 322 W1 IPTV box is your solution. They have introduced a sleek, black device that has inbuilt Wi-Fi. As soon as you connect it to your TV you can watch anything and everything available on the net easily in the clearest results. They have all the major networks aired on this device, and it comes with an easy to use remote system as well.

All you have to do is connect it to the system, get the subscription and start watching your favorite programs.

2. Arabic TV Box HD 4K

Nobody likes to have a TV set that’s got multiple cables and wires coming out from every side. Arabic Tv box brings you a smart black color device to help you get the best picture quality of all the programs that you want to watch. And not just the current programs but also all the previous programs that you may have missed.

Their box is small and has no wires to be connected, rather it uses Wi-Fi to connect your phone and your TV set and you’re all set.

There is no hassle of monthly fees and is very easy to use and setup. The best part, it allows you to access 8000+ channels so you don’t miss out on any programs.

3. 2 Years Renewal Service for Your Arabic IPTV

Are you one of those who do not want to go through the hassles of buying and installing a new device? Well, we understand your problem and that is why we have got this subscription service for you.

You don’t have to go out or order in any kind of device and read up a manual, just subscribe to Arabic IPTV and you’ve got yourself all the programs you’ve wanted.

What makes it stand out is the fact that the company offers a 2-year renewal policy as well, so in case something goes wrong, just get your subscription renewed with no additional or hidden charges.

4. IPTV Box 4K Android TV Receiver

No matter what size of TV someone owns, we all want to watch our programs in the best picture quality, giving you an absolutely different kind of joy.

Hence on number 4 we’ve got IPTV Box 4K android TV receiver. It gives you 4k picture quality to give you a real-life experience, also it’s got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect anything easily with your TV sets.

It allows you to access 1600+ channels from all over the world, such as the US, Canada, India, Brazil, Arab, Europe, UK, Korea, etc. along with all this, the company offers you a free lifetime subscription without any additional charges.

5. Arabic IPTV Box 4K Android TV Receive

Living with a family, we want to make sure that everyone can watch something or the other on TV.

Therefore, the Arabic IPTV box brings you 1600+ channels so you everyone can find shows according to their likes and dislikes.

Apart from this the Arabic IPTV box requires no subscriptions and has a lot of channels accessible in multiple languages from multiple countries.

It is easy to use and comes with a remote control so you can easily watch your favorite programs without missing out on the action.

6. Arabic TV Box HD 4K

A small smart box with over 8000 channels for you to access. Now, who would not want to have this? The more channels, the more variety of programs, the better the deal is. Right?

The box gets easily connected to Wi-Fi so that you don’t have to face the problem of reading manuals and connecting cables. Just open the box and connect it to your Wi-Fi and you have yourself access to 8000 plus channels.

The best part there are no monthly subscriptions, once you buy it, you have access to all the channels for a lifetime.

7. Arabic TV Box HD 4K

Still not comfortable with the options above?

Looking to have more channels?

Well, look no further because this Arabic IPTV box has 9000+ channels for you to watch and select programs for. The box provides access to the largest number of channels as well as a variety that will attract all the family members.

There is no monthly fee involved but the customer will need to buy a code for getting subscription for the next years.

It is easy to setup and requires internet or Wi-Fi which ever is available, so you don’t have to go out of your way to connect the box with your TV sets.

Buyer’s guide

Before you head on to buying an IPTV, here are some things you should go to before making the final decision:

Number of channels

Make sure to look out for the number of channels being offered to you by the provider. The more the channels the better.

Also, the channels should have a variety and must cater to all the family members, so that everyone can enjoy.

Hidden charges

Look out for what the company is charging you. Make sure there are no hidden charges involved and you are paying for only things that you need. There may be a subscription fee or a monthly fee.

There should be no extra charges because this will mean increased prices and the box may get out of your budget if the charges keep popping up every now and then.

Easy to use

When buying a IPTV, make sure that its easy to use and easy to setup. A lot of detailing and cables require you to call an electrician or cable operators to set up the box and that will add to your cost.

Apart from that the smart box should be easy to use so that everyone in the house can easily use it and not have to call you again and again to help get a channel or some program start streaming.


How does an IPTV box work?

An IPTV or Internet Protocol TV is a box that provides you with TV channels from the internet and plays them live on your television or screening device.

Are IPTV legal or illegal?

There are both paid and legal services for IPTV as well as illegal ones. Just make sure you’re getting them from a trustworthy source and not some fishy seller.

Can an IPTV be traced?

An IPTV can be tracked and traced through an ISP or Internet Service Provider. However, you can use a VPN along with your IPTV to avoid being traced.

Are IPTV good quality?

Some IPTV provide high-quality channels in great quality, while some channels are not very clear. However, this really depends on what service you are using.

Can IPTV’s be blocked?

It is not possible for an ISP to block an IPTV if you are using a VPN. This again depends on the kind of VPN your service provider is using and of what strength.

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