The 8 Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Let’s admit:

Every gamer knows how easily controllers can let you down.

And buying a new one almost always leaves a dent in your pockets, especially in the case of joy-cons for Nintendo Switch.

But you don’t have to pay that price for good controllers. In fact, you can get even better ones for much less.

Gaming enthusiasts choose third-party switch controllers instead of Pro Controller or Nintendo’s Joy-Cons. The most significant reason is the difference in price. Nintendo’s controllers are quite expensive as compared to the third-party switch controller. The maneuverability and size are other two factors that encourage gamers to opt for the best third-party switch controllers for Nintendo.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch:

The Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Top ProductsBest Features
1. BestFire NS Joy-Con Controller ControllerSimilar button layout, built-in gyro, vibration motors, supports NFC, 6 hours play time
2. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo SwitchBluetooth wireless feature, ergonomic design with standard button layout, LEDs for power
3. Jalvde Wireless Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo SwitchExcellent compatibility, great grip for a comfortable hold, easy to connect
4. HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro-Street Fighter EditionAccurate and sturdy analog stick, ability to swap between analog and D-pad control, turbo option
5. Kinvoca Joy-Con Controller Replacement for Nintendo SwitchEasy to pair, similar to switch Joy-Con, up to 20 hours of a non-vibrating gaming session
6. Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con FYOUNG Hand-Grips ControllerThe snug fit Switch controller is durable, light, and perfect for every hand
7. PDP 500-134-NA-CM05 Nintendo Switch Faceoff Deluxe + Audio Wired ControllerFeatures back buttons with dual programming and customizing gameplay options

1. BestFire NS Joy-Con Controller Mini Switch Controller Joy Con

Best Features: Similar button layout, built-in gyro, vibration motors, supports NFC, 6 hours play time

If you’re looking for a retro-looking replacement for your joy-cons, Bestfire has just the thing for you. Their controllers share a lot of similarity from the real ones, including NFC, dual-vibration motors, a built-in gyro, and the same button layout. The controllers have a super-ergonomic design that lets you plays for hours without hand fatigue. It also has USB ports for software updates and give 6 hours of play time after a full-charge that takes 2 hours. The controller is sturdy, durable, and a perfect replacement for the original ones.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Mario Silhouette

Best Features: The stylish Mario-themed controller is built for comfort and excellent grip and offers up to 30 hours of gameplay

Play like a pro with this PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller and enjoy extended gaming sessions with a design that’s built for maximum comfort and great maneuverability. The PowerA Wireless Controller offers wireless freedom so you can enjoy tangle-free gaming. If you love the Pro Controller, this is the closest design and features you can get. The wireless controller has motion controls, similar layout as the Pro Controller, and 30 hours of battery life to give you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The Mario-themed print makes it all the more special.

3. Jalvde Wireless JoyPad Controller for Nintendo Switch

Best Features: The joypad controller offers perfect compatibility and multi-function support so you can enjoy your gameplay with maximum flexibility.

Our top pick is this Joy-Con alternative by Jalvde. This wireless JoyPad is one of the best controllers that also looks similar to the original one. This is best suitable for improved maneuverability because of its wider ergonomic sides for better grip. Enjoy your Nintendo gaming experience for extended periods with this Joy Pad that can be used together or separately. The joypad is easy to pair with the Switch and features built-in motion control that offers 10+ hours of play on charge. The controller is available in a dual combo of red and blue, neon brown and yellow, neon purple and orange, and neon pink and green.  

4. HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro-Street Fighter Edition (Classic Arcade)

Best Features: The Hori Street Fighter special edition analog stick controller comes with a sturdy joystick and easy-to-use buttons for a traditional gaming experience

If you love Street Fighter or other fighting games, you do not have to stick to the modern joy-cons or consoles. You can even get a high-end fight stick to enjoy Nintendo the traditional style. That’s why we added this Hori’s Nintendo Switch Classic Arcade analog stick controller. The Mini Fighting Stick is a gaming fighter’s dream come true as it is capable of keeping you in the fight with a variety of games including Street Fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and even Power Rangers. The analog stick also works for PC.

5. Kinvoca Joy-Con Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch

Best Features: The controller features Bluetooth wireless/wired connection for easy and fast pairing and an ergonomic streamlined design for high precision control

If you’re looking for the best and affordable replacement for your Joy-Cons or seeking an additional pair to enjoy multiplayer games, this is the perfect joy-con knockoff by Kinvoca. These easy-to-pair controllers can slide on and off your Nintendo Switch and offer an excellent gaming experience with rumble and motion controls. The controller has an ergonomic shape for better grip and dual shock to make games more immersive.

6. Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con FYOUNG Hand-Grips Controller

Best Features: The snug fit Switch controller is both durable and light and is the perfect size for any hands for an excellent gameplay experience

This controller is a perfect size and a wide range of exciting colors! If you love to have a Switch Joy-Con that works great and looks awesome, this is a great combo. The durable style offers an excellent grip so you can enjoy lasting gameplay without any trouble. It is a great controller if you like buttons that feature a sensitive response. Interestingly, it is a great size too as it can fit any hands and offer you a better experience, especially when playing racing games.

7. PDP 500-134-NA-CM05 Nintendo Switch Faceoff Deluxe + Audio Wired Controller

Best Features: Features paddle-style back buttons with dual programming and customizing gameplay options

The PDP Nintendo Switch is licensed by Nintendo and is one of the first alternatives for Switch controllers that come with a headphone jack. This makes communicating in multiplayer games easier and makes gaming more interactive and fun. The D-pad on the controller can be used for adjusting the audio while the dual programmable buttons can help you customize your gameplay. Another interesting feature of this controller is the interchangeable faceplates that can be snapped on and off.

8. PowerA Pokemon Enhanced Wireless GameCube Style Controller for Nintendo Switch – Umbreon

Best Features: The controller features classic GameCube design with larger D-pad and an added left shoulder button for a great gameplay experience

The classic GameCube controller has always been a popular choice for Nintendo fans. The PowerA Wireless controller brings the ultimate feel and classic style to the Nintendo Switch. It also features motion controls to perfectly imitate a Nintendo Switch controller instead of other gamepads. And even though it is an excellent device, it does not have rumble or NFC capabilities on board. The non-rechargeable controller works wonderfully with two AA batteries.

9. Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition)

  • Specifically designed for high-paced games like Daemon X Machina
  • Comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue in long sessions
  • Dual-rear buttons that can be customized for more control
  • Beautiful design and compatibility with Nintendo Dock

Buyer’s Guide

Control It!

Nintendo Switch does not need an introduction. If you are a gaming enthusiast, Nintendo must have always been on the list for you. It is indeed an amazing console that can be enjoyed even better if you pair it with the right controller.

While the console comes with its own Nintendo Joy-Con, there are reasons why you might want to look for an alternative. It is necessary to get another controller for multiplayer games, action RPGs, and shooting games. And since there is such an amazing variety of third-party controllers available, it is pointless to spend more money and get another Pro Controller.

To take more control of how you want to enjoy your game, choose from one of our recommendations. We have picked controllers that feature a lightweight and ergonomic design. Most of these controllers fit in adult-sized hands and offer a range of features and functions that are necessary for an intense gaming session. It is, however, important to remember that it doesn’t do amiibo support.

We have shared all the different kinds of third-party joy-cons to help you choose the best one as per your gaming demands.

Learning About a Great Adapter to Use With the Controller

You have one more option when it comes to using your favorite controller with Nintendo Switch – the controller adapter!

If you already have an extra controller that you love, all you need is an adapter to connect it with your Nintendo Switch. The Mayflash Magic-Ns Bluetooth controller adapter is our best bet. This is a tiny yet super cool device that allows you to use your wired controllers with your console. The compatible wired devices include controllers of PS4, PS3, flight sticks, Xbox One, and even wired USB controllers like Logitech rumble gamepads.

This adapter can be plugged in and paired with the controller using the Bluetooth feature. The LED on the controller lights up when the device is connected and ready to be used. So if you’ve already got your hands on a few third-party controllers and do not want to spend more, this adapter would fit the bill easily.


1. How much does a Nintendo Switch Controller Costs?

You can buy a bundle of both left and right Joy-Con controllers between $79 and $85. These can be purchased separately for $49.99. Keep in mind that each controller has different functionality, which may impact on the price tag.

2. Can you use any controllers to work with a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch has its own Joy-Con controllers that come with the system. However, there are a number of other alternatives that Switch supports, including the list shared in this article. Even a GameCube controller can be used for the Switch if you have an additional Wii U adapter.

3. Is it wrong to keep the switch in the dock?

It is okay to leave the Nintendo Switch console in the dock when not in use to charge it fully. Leaving the console on the dock overnight or past the full-charged battery point is not harmful for the battery.