The 8 Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Guide

Let’s admit:

Every gamer knows how easily controllers can let you down.

And buying a new one almost always leaves a dent in your pockets, especially in the case of joy-cons for Nintendo Switch.

But you don’t have to pay that price for good controllers. In fact, you can get even better ones for much less.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch:

Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons – Our Top 7 Picks

Top ProductsRatingsProduct Type
1. FASTSNAIL Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch4.7Accessories
2. VEANIC 2-Pack 3D Replacement Joystick Analog Thumb Stick4.2Accessories
3. KINVOCA Joy-Con Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch3.6Joy-Cons
4. KINVOCA Joy-Con Charging Grip4.4Grip
5. FYOUNG Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con4.8Grip
6. RAILAY NS Switch JoyPad Controllers3.4Joy-Cons
7. KINVOCA (Upgraded Version) Joy-Con Replacement for Nintendo Switch3.7Joy-Cons

1. FASTSNAIL Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch

Do you hate messy wires? Do you want to charge multiple joy-cons at the same time? If yes, then this controller charger is for you.

The Fastsnail charging dock lets you charge 4 joy-cons or 1 pro controller and 2 joy-cons at the same time. The four colored lampposts indicate charging level for each joy-con that you are currently charging.

The design itself makes charging your controllers look cool. It makes charging your controllers convenient because there will be only one wire which would be the Switch’s official AC adapter that would be connected to the dock.

2. VEANIC 2-Pack 3D Replacement Joystick Analog Thumb Stick

Playing video games can get very intense sometimes. And in between all the intensity, you often forget that the poor little joysticks can get damaged because of how brutally you are playing.

If you’ve got broken analog joysticks on your joy-con, here are some awesome replacements that you can use in case the default sticks have gotten damaged or have started drifting.

The Veanic replacement joystick pack comes with four thumb stick caps, tri-wing, cross screwdriver, and a pry tool. Replacing the joysticks will become easy with all the tools that the package gives you.

But note that you will need to calibrate the joysticks from the NS settings after the replacement is done.

3. KINVOCA Joy-Con Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch

This product is one of the best replacement for the original joy-cons. You can get these in the original blue-red color or in three other color combinations.

These controllers are made from anti-slip and anti-scratch durable ABS material. They are easy to pair with your Nintendo and the battery can last up to 20 hours if you play non-vibration games.

The grips are ergonomic and the design is streamlined that helps provide you with a better grip on the controllers. Also, there is a gyro sensor and an accelerometer in both the controllers that give you high precision aiming and shooting.

4. KINVOCA Joy Con Charging Grip

This product is the best solution if you need a better grip on your original joy-cons while being care-free about charging them.

All you have to do is slide in your joy-cons on both sides of this product and there you have it; no need to buy a new controller for a better grip!

This device lets hard-core gamers play as long as they want without worrying about the charging of their joy-cons. And with this product, you can also charge your joy-cons while you’re playing games on you Switch!

5. FYOUNG Grips for Switch Joy Cons

These extended controllers are another awesome choice for people looking to upgrade their standard joy-cons!

Just slide in your controller and you are good to go. Don’t worry about the controllers because they won’t slip out or even shake the grips while you’re playing games.

The two L and R triggers also allow you to control corresponding buttons on your switch controller for better control. Safe to say that once you use these controllers, you’ll barely want to play anything on your standard joy-cons again!

6. RAILAY NS Switch JoyPad Controllers

Looking at the picture, you must think that these are just another low-quality pair of joy-cons. But the truth is that these are no less better than the original ones, especially considering the value they provide for the money.

Just like normal switch joy-cons, these joy-cons can be used independently in two-player games or together as one controller when attached to the Nintendo Switch.

The controller has a vibration function, an accelerometer, and a gyro-sensor, which might seem surprising for a controller that is this affordable.  

7. KINVOCA (Upgraded Version) Joy-Con Replacement for Nintendo Switch

Now these controllers might not have the best aesthetics, they are amazing considering that they come at almost half the price of the original joy-cons.

Unlike other third party joy-cons, this one supports NFC (amiibo function) perfectly. It also has an auto-sleep function, remote wake-up, and can be updated directly by the console.

Talking about the controls, the controller supports 6-axis gyro/motion controls and dual rumble. The D-pad is ultra-responsive and the analog sticks are drift-free.

The controller supports both wired and wireless connection and the battery lasts around 10 hours of active playtime.

8. KINVOCA Wireless Switch Controllers

  • This one’s for you if you are looking for something different and simple.
  • These beat the purpose of having a regular looking joy-cons by giving you proper grip.
  • Rubberized matte covered material gives you a premium and comfortable feeling.
  • 350mAh built-in rechargeable battery lets you play up to 12 hours continuously.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re still confused about what joy-con to buy, read on ahead. There are some key features that you want to look at when you buy a new joy-con or controller for your Nintendo Switch.

So do the comparison between the products by considering the following factors:


The original joy-cons are very small, especially for gamers who have large hands. So when looking for any alternative joy-cons or controllers, you must consider the grip. Look at the description and the picture of the product carefully. It’s better if the product has rubber grips as they tend to be both comfortable and durable.


Gamers who like to grind on Nintendos would know the disappointment when they “just started playing” and the battery runs out. And if you are one of those gamers, then it’s essential that you take into consideration the battery life of your controller before purchasing them. Usually, a battery time of anywhere around 12 to 15 hours is good enough.

Look for a joy-con that provides both excellent grip and comfort, great battery life and overall durability while still being affordable.


Should I buy a pro controller or joy cons?

If you are looking for a more comfortable experience and you play competitive games that require quick response times, then the pro controller is a better option for you. Joy-cons can be bought if you play multiplayer games with your friends just for fun.

Can you overcharge joy-cons?

Overcharging your joy-cons will cause its battery to degrade faster than usual. And if you keep overcharging your joy-cons, you will have to replace the batteries way sooner than you expect.

How many joy-cons do I need for two players?

One joy con is for one player. And joy cons are normally sold in pairs so you need one pair of joy-cons for two players. Similarly, you will have to buy additional joy-cons for more players.

How long do joy-cons last?

A standard pair of joy-cons takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, the joy-cons can last up to about 20 hours of play time.

What causes joy-cons analog stick drifting?

The dust that keeps gathering up inside the sticks causes the analog sticks to start drifting. Using the sticks aggressively can also damage them and cause them to start drifting.

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